“Truth Be Told” Movie – And Meeting Candace Cameron (Yes, DJ from Full House!)

Andrea from Savings Lifestyle and Yours Truly with none other than Candace Cameron!

(She’s the tiny little thing in the middle…in case you didn’t recognize her! She does look a little different from her days as DJ on Full House!)

Before we get into the adventures of Friday afternoon, let’s talk about height for a few minutes. I’m tall. (Obviously.) Flat feet to the ground, I’m 5’9″. And because I’m a somewhat of a celebrity stalker (which you will soon find out is not entirely true), I knew that Candace was 5’2″. And yes, I *think* I can call her Candace now.  And I knew that Andrea is about 5’6″ because we see each other about once a month. And I just know how tall she is.


I wore my 3 inch heels anyways. Knowingly making myself 6′ tall.  To meet the 5’2″ Candace.(Maybe not the best idea…but it worked out.)

But as you can see. There is not 10″ between us in height.


She was wearing some amazingly hawt open-toed stilettos.  Gave her about 6 inches.  I just wish I wouldn’t look like a WBNA star if I were to put on stilettos like hers! Loved those shoes!!!

Adventures in Cincinnati

Friday afternoon was nothing short of an adventure for Andrea and I. And our boys!

I had a little bit of a problem getting a sitter.  We have 3 gals who hang out with the boys, on various schedules. 2 of them can come in the morning, and the other only in the afternoon.  The 2 that can come in the morning both had to work Friday afternoon.  And our beloved “M” was on a cruise with her mom for her senior year spring break. So I was out of luck!

Thankfully the guys at P&G were gracious enough to allow me to bring the boys along for the ride.

And I didn’t feel so bad after talking with Andrea, as she was planning on bringing her youngest little boy, so we agreed to take turns babysitting the boys while the other chatted with Candace. All worked out in the end!

These are my 3 cats. And I felt like I spent the afternoon herding them around Cincinnati. And you can see that I’m doing a terrible job herding them together for a picture in the lobby. Tyler is at that age where “stand here” apparently means “run up to the camera and try to touch it.”

Charlie, Andrea’s “A” with his balloon from Chick-Fil-A, Ryan. Waiting to go up and meet Candace.

Here is what happened, once we got up to our meeting rooms.

The space where we met Candace was on the executive floor of the P&G building. Where all really important people in the company have meetings, presentations and talk on very important phone calls.

And here we are!

The mommy bloggers! And their kids!

Twice the boys had to go to the bathroom. Once while with Andrea and once with me. The “potties” were located around, and down, and around and down the hall.

As soon as I opened the door, they were off. To the racetrack.  They knew exactly where they were going, as they had just been 10 minutes earlier with Andrea. I, on the other hand, was desperately trying to keep up. Running in high heels…is not my forte. My primary goal was to keep up with Tyler and keep him from wandering into a presentation, being given by the CFO or some other exec. My secondary goal was to keep the kids from eating all the snacks that were on the tables outside of the various presentation rooms.

We had to pass 4 snack tables to get to the bathroom. *sigh*

But the good news…”A” brought his balloon with him…so I knew where they were, because they were trying to hide behind the divisions and short walls.  They thought they were so sneaky…trying to play hide and seek with me on the executive suite level of the P&G Headquarters!

Thankfully we made it to and from the bathroom with little incident.  If you don’t count the door being closed on us by someone in the back of a presentation.

Those mommy bloggers!

(Really. Everyone was very gracious. And seemed to get a kick out of the boys!)

So back to the real reason that we were there. (Besides giving all the execs and other employees a fun diversion on a Friday afternoon.)

My Conversation with Candace

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Candace, and get to know her better.  I’m mean, seriously…it’s like my 7th grade dreams of meeting DJ came true.

But really, it was like a 33 year old dream coming true. Of getting to meet a normal girl, who shares the same faith, and who loves her family as fiercely as I love mine, working and witnessing in her profession as an actress. What a privilege and honor!

Here’s how our conversation went.

(I did record most of  it, so it’s pretty close to our actual conversation!)

How do you balance motherhood and your career?!

You have to make family a priority. And you have to make downtime a priority. My husband helps set priorities and helps hold me accountable to the boundaries and our priorities.

What have you found to be the difference between child acting and adult acting?!

I really love and enjoy acting. It’s a passion of mine and I do it because I love it. I took 10 years off to be stay at home mom, and I’m thrilled that my husband is retired now and I have time to pursue what I love again.

Has it been hard to separate yourself from DJ as an adult actress?!

Everyone will always know me from Full House and I’m totally cool with it. But I also love that people see and know the work that I’m doing now. If I’m forever remembered as DJ, then I’m totally OK with that.

In Truth Be Told and preparing for the role, did you meet with any marriage family counselors?!

I did not meet with any marriage counselors in preparing for this role, mostly because I finished filming of my show “Make It or Break It” on a Friday, then went out to New Mexico to start filming on Monday. I worked closely with the directors and producers to make the scenes are real as possible.  They gave me leeway to make the words real and authentic.  I do so much speaking to women about life and marriage, that I didn’t feel like it was necessary to talk with a professional counselor. I loved the role of Annie Morgan because of its strong messages about marriage and family.

What’s been the best marriage advice that you’ve been given and where did it come from?!

Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl. It will kick your butt…best book on marriage I’ve ever read. The best piece of advice, which ultimately comes from the Bible, is putting your spouses needs before your own. It’s a hard thing to do. It’s not about compromising, it’s not about giving a little here to get something back. It’s about serving them and loving them.

And for those of you at home with little kids, I encourage you to focus on the timing of when you “unload” about your day. Let your spouse enter a peaceful home, with a nice meal…and let them relax. Then let them know how things really were for you. The timing is everything!

Would you let your kids go into acting?

My daughter has done some commercials, but my boys don’t want to. I had a great experience in the industry as a child.  My parents were very involved in my acting as a kid.  And if my kids wanted to go into acting, then I’d be there to support them and be involved, just as my parents were.

How did you parents keep you and Kirk so grounded as child actors?!

It was all about family. My parents stressed the importance of family. I still had to do chores. They involved my sisters with whatever Kirk or I were doing at the time. Their attitude towards the whole business was that Hollywood is not real life, but enjoy you can the acting while keeping your focus on the real important things in life…like family. My dad did not give us a chance to get a big head.

We then went on to talk about other things…like her book, healthy eating on a budget…

A couple other random things I learned about Candace. And the proof that I’m not a celebrity stalker…

…I thought she had 2 little girls. She has 2 boys and a girl.

…I knew she was married to a guy with the last name Bure. But had no idea he was a former hockey player and that he won the first ever season of “Battle of the Blades” ice skating reality show. (Like DWTS on ice.)

…I had no idea she had other siblings. I thought it was just her and Kirk :)

One last closing moment…before I tell you about the movie.

As we were leaving and saying goodbye, Ryan was standing between her and I. Candace looked down at him and said, “Wow, you have the most gorgeous eyes and eyelashes.”

In his best monster voice, he replied…”THANK YOU.”

Seriously child?!

I bent down and got right in his face and said, “Try that again sir.”  (All the while, wondering if they offer cotillion classes to almost 6 year olds.)

This time in his quiet monster voice, he said…”Thank you.”


The Movie

Truth Be Told.

“Truth Be Told”, the newest P&G and Wal-Mart family movie night collaboration  and premieres April 16th at 8/7c on FOX. Candace Cameron Bure (Full House) stars as Colorado’s leading marriage counselor, Annie Morgan, advising her clients that “honesty is the best policy” and also the key to successful long-term relationships.

Ironically, Annie has never been married and doesn’t always follow her own advice. Through a misunderstanding, Annie receives an invitation for her and her spouse to join media mogul Terrance Bishop (Ronny Cox) at his New Mexico ranch to discuss her dream job: hosting a radio advice program.  Fearful that being single will ruin her chance of a lifetime, Annie conspires with Mark Crane (David James Elliott), an old college friend, recent widower, and father of two teenagers, to pose as a married couple for the weekend.

A series of comical misunderstandings color the trip, leaving Annie emotionally involved with Mark’s family and battling with her own conscience.  As the humorous and heartwarming story unfolds, Annie begins to realize that the truth may have its consequences, but ultimately it’s what opens our hearts and brings out the best in each other.

An amazing family movie…airing on Saturday, April 16th on Fox. 8 pm EST. Plan on making it a movie night with your family!

I absolutely loved the movie and its message…and will be watching it again on Saturday!

Disclosure: I got a sneak peak preview of Truth Be Told, along with a press kit with movie candy and popcorn. And I got to meet Candace. Obviously!


  1. Danielle says

    I would have been so excited! Full house was one of my favorites, every Friday night the bottom was parked for TGIF! Lol that family matters And perfect strangers where did the great wholesome family programing go? Oh that’s right tv land! So sad

  2. Andrea says

    I’m so glad they invited the Mommy-bloggers! Otherwise, this working Mommy wouldn’t have known about the movie. I LOVE what Candace and Kirk both do now (and my 12 year old crush on Kirk never left… it just grew up into immense respect).

    Oh… and for you true Full House fans… My name is Andrea Barbour (different spelling, but still….)

  3. DIANE says

    Loved the movie, the parts that i saw…i recorded it and for some reason it got cut off and i didnt see it all….does anyone know where i can get the movie or if i can watch it on the internet…Thanks…Diane M

  4. Merrilee says

    I’m a little slow in reading posts. :) I didn’t realize that this Candace was Kirk’s sister.
    I too watched & loved Full House as a kid. I watch Make It or Break It too (yes, as a 34 year old – haha) & was surprised to realize that Candace is also in that. But now that I see her picture, I totally recognize her.

    Do you know if/when this movie will be re-aired?


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