Tropical Island – Who Would You Take…

Alrighty friends, it’s tropical island time!Β  I have really enjoyed reading your responses and getting to know some of you a bit more!

Now that we have our foods, our utensils and our small kitchen appliances, it’s time to decide WHO we will be taking to this beautiful tropical isle.Β  I’d love to know who you’d want to take to this paradise!

(Please only include first names. Generalize, BFF, daugther, spouse, if you prefer.)

(And in case you were wondering, that photograph was taken on a small island off the coast of Samana, Dominican Republic. I miss it sometimes.)

Looking forward to who else will be on the island with us!!!


  1. Michele says

    I would take Beth my middle child. We are always making plans to run away together. The three others in our house have bi polar and somedays that dream is the only thing that keeps up going!

  2. Rose Grage says

    Usually I would choose my husband, but this year I would take my baby sister. She’s turning 50, and I would love to spend special time with her celebrating.

  3. momin09 says

    i would want my husband & son with me, I’d miss them too much if they weren’t!. (it would be nice to get away from everything & everyone!)

  4. Allison says

    I would definitely take the husband. He really is my best friend and we can laugh together for hours.

    I’d want my daughter to be on a nearby island with my parents so I could see her for a little bit, then ship her off again. This mama needs a break!

  5. Susan says

    I’d, too, like to say just me, but after a while it would get boring. If I could only take one, it would be my daughter. Otherwise, daughter, husband and my bff and her husband. *sigh* she and I often talk about our toes in the sand…Oh, yeah, I want a cabana boy, too πŸ˜€

  6. Rhonda Hall says

    Have to be my husband of 29 years (actually 30 in three weeks) and our best friends (who have been married the same) .Can’t have a poker game with just my husband, he’s too easy too beat! ha ha , need friends for the competition. ha ha

  7. Rachel says

    My family; sig. other and our kids . . . . the dogs . . . my rabbits (gotta spinn that angora sometime) . . . . . my spinning wheel . . . .

  8. says

    I’d be taking my twin sister, because we haven’t been able to see each other in over five years due to the high cost of airplane tickets. It’s hard not being able to see my best friend…my sister is the greatest! But because we both homeschool our children, and she has seven sweet kiddos, we rarely even are able to visit on the telephone, either. I miss her bunches!


  9. Heidi says

    For real I would take my husdand but If I were dreaming it would have to be Tyler Florence {HOT CHEF}…because I know he can feed me good being a chef and also he would be great to look at too…lol hint hint!

  10. Bonnie says

    I would take my daughter who is married…she needs a break from what she’s going through and because we have so much in common we would not be bored one bit ! Just give us a couple books and a beach chair and we’re fine.

  11. says

    Being a single mom with a home daycare, I could totally use this vacation…I would take special someone, so I could have someone to share it with.

  12. Joanna Timms says

    I would take my dear Husband (who happens to be my BFF) Going on 20 years of marraige (& 7 kids) and have never been anywhere tropical EVER!

  13. Barbara B. says

    I would take my husband of 40 years and it would be a “special” island and we find
    an air plane and fly everyone we want to it!:) Like a fairy tale,live happily ever after!
    Have a great party and invite all the other people that enter this e-mail “who would you take” to a Tropical Island!

  14. Kristin says

    Oh course my husband BUT in dreamland Ranger from the Stephanie Plum book series by Janet Evanovich.

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