Tropical Island – What Small Kitchen Appliance Would You Take…

So…I’ve got my chocolate, my garlic press and now my KitchenAid. Or perhaps my VitaMix.

That’s a toss up…but in the end, it’ll be the KitchenAid.

What on earth am I going to do with a garlic press, some chocolate bars and a KitchenAid?!?  Suggestions?

If you were going to be shipped off to an undisclosed location, for an undisclosed amount of time, that looks like the above picture and could only bring 1 small kitchen appliance, what would you take with you?!?

We are not talking microwaves, stoves, or dishwashers here either. Small. Electric. Sit on the counter-type appliances. Okay?!

What about you?!?  What small kitchen appliance could you not live without???

(And again. Don’t overthink this!)


  1. Susan says

    I think I’d like to have my Showtime rotisserie oven. Worth it’s weight (and mine) in gold when it comes to making delicious dinners.

  2. Katie Favara says

    It’s not electric. But, I couldn’t live without my Pampered Chef Chopper. I can’t imaging dicing anything by hand!

  3. Jodi says

    my G5 george foreman. I can make anything on there like grilled meats, waffles, or even cookies… and yes, it sets on my countertop and i store it away when not using it!

  4. Teresa says

    Tough call between my immersion blender and my small George Foreman. Since I already have my trusty knife with me, I think I will go with the Foreman so I can grill the fish I catch

  5. Jennifer says

    hmmm it’s a toss up between my food processor and my kitchen aid, but I think I’ll bring the mixer, because I have ice cream maker and grain mill attachments for it. I wouldn’t want to be on a tropical island without a way to make ice cream :-)

  6. Tracy says

    Wow, this is hard. Remembering this is a tropical island would have to make a tough decision – would it be my blender so I can make tropical drinks or my hibachi so I can grill fresh fish, maybe wild boar… probably the blender, wouldn’t require my having to kill anything.

  7. says

    Forget the coffee maker. I’m bringing the espresso machine. This isn’t about my son — this is about sipping iced soy lattes ANY TIME I feel like it. Plus that island doesn’t look like it has a Starbucks.

  8. Jennifer says

    I would bring my food processor, it doubles as a blender so lots of virgin drinks until I ferment something into liquor and then party time!

  9. says

    My hand held Kitchen aid mixer. Love it and mixes quick well just about anything. I didn’t answer the previous question, it would have been a wooden spoon.

  10. says

    I would have to say, I would take my toasteroven!!! Or, could think more like McGyver (sp?!), and bring the electric knife, and with that and a q-tip, we could build a small city!!!! haha 😉

  11. Barbara says

    So, since it is a small appliance, I am assuming we have electricity? I have a portable ice maker I only use occasionally, but now this is turning into a great party – how are we going to keep our beverages, salads, etc cold?. With all the other things you all are bringing – who has the ice for the party? ME!!

  12. Alicia says

    Definitely my crock pot if that counts- it sets on the counter! 😀 I figure I would throw whatever food I have in there and it would eventually cook into something that wouldnt break my teeth.

  13. Jess S says

    Kids or no kids – definitely the coffee maker! Though wait – we would be on a tropical island, with plenty of coconuts, bananas, pineapples, etc. right? So maybe I need my blender… If I change my one food to rum (that’s a food right?), then I could just live off pina coladas!! I like this island more and more. :-)

  14. says

    Hmm…it’s a tossup between my bread maker because I could have fresh crunchy toast in the morning and soft pretzels in the afternoon or my electric teakettle. I’m going electric tea kettle. Then I can make coffee in the morning from fabulous tropical coffee beans and hot tea in the evening from hibiscus flowers.

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