Tropical Island – What Kitchen Utensil Would You Take…

I had so much fun reading what foods you all would take with you on a tropical island, I thought I’d turn this into a mini-series…

If you were going to be shipped off to an undisclosed location that looks like the above picture and could only bring 1 kitchen utensil, what would you take with you?!?

Me. I would take my garlic press.  I use. it. all. the. time.

What about you?!?  What kitchen utensil could you not live without???

(And again. Don’t overthink this!)


  1. Nicole says

    Santuko knife – totally agree Jen, and I use it so much I just wash it right away when I’m done with it now… saves looking for it in the dirty pile!

  2. Jennifer says

    I love this question! I would definitely take a silicone spatula. Spatulas are the greatest invention known to man, and if it is made of silicone I can use it to stir things while they are cooking because silicone won’t be damaged by the heat.

  3. bridget says

    We have a forever sharp that my husband got suckered into buying over christmas but it really is the best kitchen utinsil

  4. says

    Well, since I’m taking ice cream, I should probably take an ice cream scoop. But aside from that … I think my favorite utensil is a knife with a 5″ blade. It’s probably the only tool I use every single day.

  5. MaryAgnes Ash says

    I think it would have to be my knife that I don’t allow any of my nieces or nephews to touch.

  6. Tara says

    I’m torn between an 8″ knife or a cast iron skillet. I really love my skillets…it would probably be the one item I would take. But a skillet isn’t a utensil!

    • Barbara says

      Believe it or not, I keep a “Swiss Army” style survival knife in my kitchen gadget drawer. It can do almost any thing except hammer – haven’t needed to try that, but since it is all steel, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on the island!

  7. Julianne says

    A knife would be the obvious choice, but I love my microplane grater. Add a little fresh garlic to almost anything. Also good for parmesan and nutmeg.


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