Tropical Island – What Would You Take…

Let’s have a little fun…shall we?

If you were going to be shipped off to an undisclosed location that looks like the above picture and could only bring 1 food, what would you take with you?!?

Me. I would take chocolate.

Your turn. Don’t overthink this. It is safe to assume there would be other food there, including pina coladas…made using coconuts from that there coconut tree!

We want to know…what comfort food would you want to take on a trip to a tropical island!?

This is a photo, taken by yours truly, of a small tropical island off the coast of Samana, Dominican Republic.


  1. Jaime says

    hmm…it’s a huge toss up for me between chocolate and ice cream! Maybe chocolate ice cream 😉 Great pic by the way!

  2. Kimberly says

    I don’t think it’s fair for a pregnant woman to read all these food things!! But I’ll go with my current fave — pastries from Panera!

  3. says

    Well since there are coconuts, I could make ice cream out of coconut milk but I would want chocolate ice cream a time or two and some chocolate to eat whenever I wanted. it would be just chocolate for me too!

  4. Kerri says

    Pizza!! If I could be specific, I’d bring an italian sausage/green peppers/onions pizza from Aurelio’s in Chicago.

  5. Sissy says

    I’m with you on taking chocolate…but mostly day dreaming on how nice it would be to visit the DR. Great photo!

  6. AllieZirkle says

    My first thought? Butter :) Bacon as a close second… But butter for sure. Hello, delicious seafood with a drizzle of butter? grilled veggies with butter? OMG I’d be in love!!

  7. says

    Lovely photo, it actually made me a little homesick….I am originally from another island close by.
    I would take fresh strawberries.

    Then I would make awesome – mango strawberry smoothies

    Great question.

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