Tropical Island – What Would You Take…

Let’s have a little fun…shall we?

If you were going to be shipped off to an undisclosed location that looks like the above picture and could only bring 1 food, what would you take with you?!?

Me. I would take chocolate.

Your turn. Don’t overthink this. It is safe to assume there would be other food there, including pina coladas…made using coconuts from that there coconut tree!

We want to know…what comfort food would you want to take on a trip to a tropical island!?

This is a photo, taken by yours truly, of a small tropical island off the coast of Samana, Dominican Republic.


  1. Randy says

    Some sort of crusty bread, like Ciabatta. Folks laugh at me, but my day doesn’t start well without a few slices of toasted crusty bread and some fruit. Looks like I’d get the fruit on the island, but the bread …. now that would be hard to do without!

  2. Jen says

    I used to play this game with my family but a more challenging/fun version.
    You can only take 6 foods with you to live off for a year. You can count on fish, crab and some fruits being on the island but nothing else.
    What would you bring to stay happy and healthy?
    My list tends to be along these lines:
    White wine,
    With these flavourings and things like coconut milk or fruit pulp, I could make a few different variations of fish and crab dishes, using salt from the sea as a seasoning.
    This is such a game for food geeks :)

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