“Toast Bar” – An Easy Non-Cereal Breakfast

I always give cold cereal such a hard time.  It doesn’t really deserve, in some ways.  But in other ways, it does.  Because it does get old, and every now and again the morning routine needs a little CPR.

But I have a suggestion that requires not one ounce of brain power.  Not a single ounce!

How’s this for resuscitating breakfast and not having to think about it…


That’s right.  You toast the bread. Set out any and every possible item that could be spread or sprinkled on top and let the kids (and by kids, that also includes the spouse!) decide what they’d like to have on their toast.

English muffins and bagels would totally work too!

Serve with some fruit or a smoothie and you’re set for the morning!

What’s your favorite “toast topping”?!?  Think you might try the “toast bar” to give your morning routine a little switcharoo?!


  1. Karen Hiebert says

    I toast an arnold thin bread and have butter/jam and then add some egg whites for a yummy sandwhich, need to mix it up a bit. :)

  2. says

    I am definitely a toast addict and lean on it pretty heavily when I need to cut back on my food budget. Strawberry jam and whipped cream is my favorite, I also like a fried egg (with the yolk pierced) with lemon pepper and mayonnaise. Honeyville makes really good toast toppings blended with honey. I got a variety pack for Christmas and have really enjoyed the different flavors. The honey really helps my throat in the winter.

  3. Susanne says

    nutella, honey, or butter and cinnamon sugar are the fav’s around here. I try to limit cereal to once a week because the kiddos tend to get hungry faster on those mornings — like it doesn’t hold them ya know?

  4. hairagent says

    I love the Homemade Pumpkin Apple Butter I made ….Apple orchid here has sale at end of season…BOGO free…

  5. Joe says

    I love apple butter on my toast, the rest of the family not so much. I have never tried pumpkin apple butter but that sounds good to me. Otherwise, just plain butter and jam for me.

  6. sheila says

    I use Ezekial Bread or a cheaper gluten free version with coconut oil mixed with local honey and cinnamon–very feeling, full of good fat, b-vit. honey, and cinnamon keeps blood sugar from spiking!

  7. EP says

    Another great, and more nutritious, breakfast bar option is an Oatmeal Bar. Whip up a big batch of oatmeal on the stove and serve with a variety of toppings like nuts, raisins/craisins, coconut, fruits (strawberries and bananas are the best!), granola, chocolate chips, brown sugar, peanut butter, and anything else you may find in your pantry. Wholeseome, warm, and good for the body, as well as a creative start to the morning!

  8. Sandy says

    A favorite here is Nutella and sliced bananas. I also like egg salad on toast(raisn is great) and a slice of cheese under the broiler. Sliced peaches topped with cottage cheese is also wonderful, sprinkle some sharp cheddar on top, broil,

  9. Sandy says

    On the note about oatmeal, growing up my mom always topped oatmeal with ice cream or frozen yogurt, cinnamon was the favorite but butter pecan is real good also.

  10. LisaE says

    We go in streaks in my house for eating toast. Our favorite toppings are Nuetelle with peanut butter and cinnamon sugar. I love English muffins with extra butter and peach jam….yum.

  11. Yum! Have another idea for you. says

    Peanut butter toasty man
    Make your toast
    Spread pb on there, take raisins make eyes , nose and mouth. Let kids be creative. They can make people. Animals, letters of there name. Pretty much anything . If you want big eyes use banana slices.


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