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Back to School Apparel just got a little more fun! I particularly love the talking watermelon t-shirt, but mostly because my all my boys love watermelon, and I know they’re gonna be giddy about this “talking” watermelon shirt…I can already hear the “no I wanna wear it” battle happening!

Threadless Kids! includes a selection of tees, hoodies and one pieces for kids, toddlers and babies featuring a selection of playful, light-hearted designs. This season’s back-to-school trends for Kids! tees include illustrations of animals, food and outer space. Threadless features a variety of opportunities for shoppers to save on its amazing selection of graphic t-shirts for men, women, Kids! and babies, and during back-to-school season, the company will feature back-to-school deals that will be announced in the Threadless newsletter.

Threadless Giveaway Pack includes the following:

We’ve got 1 gift pack from Threadless for 1 winner to give away this week! Yay for fun back to school clothes!

Contest Details

1. Contest ends Wednesday, August 8th at 3 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

  • Entry #1: Leave a comment sharing your first day of school traditions – do you dress your kids in special clothes? Take a photo by the door? Send a secret note in lunchboxes?
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*Disclosure: I did receive t-shirts for the boys to wear to school this year. Opinions and thoughts are my own, as always.


  1. Erica C. says

    The kids do get to pick out a special outfit for the first day. It’s usually all new stuff and they try to wear as much of their new stuff as they can the first day!

  2. Heather R says

    Our tradition is to pick out a special outfit and take a picture of the two of them together by the door!

  3. jennifer says

    we take a picture standing at the end of our driveway and we always get a new bookbag and donate our old one!

  4. meme says

    We get an outfit for the first day of school and then we always take a picture before they leave for school

  5. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    And I thought i was the only one to dress them in special clothes, take pictures and put notes in their lunch boxes! I also like to meet them at the end of the 300′ driveway when they return.

  6. Angela Tyler says

    We always take a picture as they are leaving for school from the house and the car. Along with another picture when they get home.

  7. Joshlin says

    This will be our second year, but we make back to school cookies the day before and they will be in the lunch box for the first day. We also take our first day of school picture!

  8. Marissa M says

    We always take a picture with our backpacks in front of the front door and wear special outfits!

  9. kathy pease says

    yes they always have new shiny outfits and i get up and make them a big breakfast :)

  10. tracey byram says

    Liz and Tristan choose which new outfits they will wear and I take a picture of them at the bus stop every year on the first day of school.

  11. susan smoaks says

    on the first day of school we always take pictures and i do put a special treat in their lunches as well!

  12. Jennifer Benchino says

    I draw somethng on the back of thier hand. So they can think of me all day long.