This Week’s Shopping Extravaganza

Yes, an extravaganza it was!

I arrived home from TX to a nearly bare fridge! So after a nice long afternoon-post-travel-recovery nap, I dashed off to Walmart. I scanned the local ads and circled a few items that were “price match worthy”, including $1 broccoli, $1.49/bunch asparagus, $1.28 canteloupe and $1.99 BIG box of Raisin Bran (after coupon).

Despite my price matching efforts and using more than 20 coupons, my total still came out just over $100 :( :( :( :( Y’all. I’m not worried yet, but my first 2 trips to Walmart have both been over $100! This is a bit of a shock to my system after weeks and months of spending $60-$80 a week! It will get better. It will!

Perhaps, it was that Hubs surprised/shocked me/tried to scare me to death by showing up at Walmart after work as I was finishing up my trip. It was on his way home and wanted to help me out/see me “in action!” He grabbed a few boxes of granola bars, then another box of oatmeal (despite the fact that we are fully stockpiled!), a few cases of V8 (on clearance and I had a Q!), and some of the “uber expensive” granola that he loves!

After this week’s extravaganza, I’m hoping that next week will be a quick trip for produce and milk!

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  1. Anonymous says

    “He grabbed a few boxes of granola bars, then another box of oatmeal (despite the fact that we are fully stockpiled!), a few cases of V8 (on clearance and I had a Q!), and some of the “uber expensive” granola that he loves!”
    Hmmmm… maybe we know why your trip was more expensive than usual! (wink!) It’s very sweet that he met you at the store!

    It will get better! You’re still working out your system.

    Love your blog!

  2. Camille says

    Before I started couponing by matching up with store sales, Wal Mart was my store! If you aren’t using coupons, then they do have the cheapest prices (except meat, I always got that on sale elsewhere). But I never, ever was able to keep to my $60 budget. For the last 2 weeks I only made one small trip to Wal Mart (for items like onions b/c they have the lowest price here) and both weeks I was UNDER my $60 budget. I was honestly shocked to find that if I am patient and wait, my trips to Wal Mart are small and infrequent.

    One heads up on the price matching: Wal Mart has to sell the item the same way as the price match. So if asparagus is $1.99/lb in the ad but Wal Mart sells it for $3.99 per BUNCH you are out of luck.

  3. Tanya says

    All though I like Walmart I find that I do my main shopping at a Super Saver since they have lower prices generally in our area and then do the last few things I want to price match + coupon at Walmart. I try to keep under $80 a week and I find by using Walmart as my filler store I do better at keeping on budget + I never let my hubbs add to the list or go for me (wink, wink)

  4. Katchmo says

    I have the same problem with my dh. He loves to shop, and grocery stores are his favorite. He almost always home with stuff we don’t need or already have plenty of. So I finally told him that I would supply all our needs for $400 per month (family of 8, including 4 teenagers) and if he wanted to get more that, he was welcome to as long as he found the money to do so. It still irritates me, but I realized he is ultimately responsible for our budget and an buy what he wants as long as he can pay for it.

  5. Michelle H. says

    The few times my husband has went grocery shopping with me he’s shot the budget all to heck – so I am actually happy that the man will do anything to get out of going!

    Michelle H.

  6. Susie says

    My husband and I always do all of our shopping together. That way everyone knows what is going to be on the table next week:-) Saves a lot of arguements:-)

  7. Jennifer says

    You will figure it out, but quicker without your dh. I always spend more when I take dh. But when I send dh by himself he totally sticks to the list.

  8. Brandy says

    If I go to the store with hubs I know I’m going to spend more than normal. He is constantly putting other things in the cart…sorta like a kid. LOL!

    I’ve always wondered how hard it is to get the matched prices at the register. Maybe you could share your experience.

  9. Cookbook Addict says

    OK, so I am glad to see that I am not the only one who struggles over where to shop. I have found in my area that WalMart is unbeatable on prices. Even when I am shopping for sales, the higher prices on non-sale items brings my total bill higher than if I’d just shopped WalMart in the first place. BUT ~ somehow I still always wind up spending more at WalMart! I think it’s because it is so much easier to grab “extra” items there, and because my dear daughter can’t leave without a toy! :) So I am currently sticking to Price Chopper, and my grocery bills have been under budget (plus the produce and meat are never as great at WM than in my local grocery stores)…

  10. Amy in Ohio says

    Do you think it’s WalMart’s pricing that’s causing the jump, or just the time of the year and what not?

    Curious in OHio!

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