The Wisest Kid & #MmGood Halloween

Wisest Kid Halloween Snacks

So Halloween is tomorrow. To-mor-row. And I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to wear yet. Eeeks. I do know that I’m making a pot of soup and all of our family is headed to our neighborhood to trick or treat and enjoy some chili. Really, they are just coming for the photo opps and to watch the grand-dudes clown around the neighborhood. Plus, my sweet niece will be here sporting her adorable costume too! 2 baby cousins in the double stroller cruising around…not sure if our neighborhood can handle that much cuteness in one place!

Somewhere between starting the soup in the slow cooker, cranking out the grilled cheese to go with it, and plowing through my inbox…I’ve got to figure out what to wear. Oh, and I can’t forget about the “boxes.”

This year, I’m making “worm boxes” and “eyeball boxes”…they’re closed off boxes and the kids have to reach in and feel and guess what is inside. I’ll let you guess what foods I’m using for the worms and the eyeballs.

You can snag more clever and spooky recipe ideas, like Worm Soup with Bat Wings or Glazed Carrot Raisin Cupcakes. Here are some other great ideas to keep your kids warm while they’re out giving others the chills.


As for costumes…My older boys will be walking around the neighborhood as a creeper and enderman, pretending to be in their own little Minecraft world. Tyler has declared it another superhero Halloween and will run around as Captain America…and I’m still trying to decide between a few options/hand-me-downs for Cuatro. And I’ll probably throw together something at the last minute….like channel my inner child and dress up as the Wisest Kid in the World. Ha!

(I wasn’t kidding about the kid-beard…it could be my only option at this point! Download the Wisest Kid Beard here.)

Are you whipping up anything fun or spooky in the kitchen this Halloween? Do you have any last minute costume throw-together ideas?

Disclosure: I’m working with Campbell’s Condensed Soup & The Wisest Kid as a paid spokes-blogger. Opinions and Halloween costume crisis are real and my own.

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