The Strawberries are Running…

The first year I planted our single strawberry plant, we had a few berries. The next year, we got one runner plant that took up resident right next to the original plant.

Last year, we had 3 or 4 more runner plants. And this year, the runners have taken over the little plot that they are in. In the past I’ve planted green beans there, both bush and vine varieties. But this year, it’s just gonna just be the strawberries in that plot. The super warm weather in March and April has our strawberries confused. Hoping they don’t succumb to any late frosts at this point.

And it will be a race to see if the boys can get to the berries when they are ripe…before the critters do. If anyone has any critter vs. strawberry plant tips or tricks, we’d love to hear them!

Anyone else have anything growing up in their garden already?


  1. Deborah says

    This year I broke down and bought a $5 net to cover my strawberries. I kept going out and finding half eaten berries. I have a few rocks holding it down on four sides – and it’s working like a charm. I still find a half eaten berry every few days, but I’m getting a handful a day (it’s only the second year for these plants) – much better than losing them all!

  2. says

    We have berries and tomatoes already ripening, but keep finding half eaten berries too! So far the birds are getting most of our harvest – I think we may have to buy one of those nets.

  3. shanna says

    try using a “hanging” garden. Right now i believe they are like $2.50 at Big lots no more than $5 anywhere else. By using a hanging garden you not only save yourself a TON of space but you can grow several plants at one time. I have several of these. One of them has 5 different types of berry, one of them is a “salsa” garden with jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, garlic and other hers. I also have one strictly for large tomatoes :). Bonus i dont worry about ground pests, kids or pets. Now if you still have an issue with the birds by a cheap mesh laundry bag and bag up your garden. This will allow all the benefits of the sun but will also provide shade as well as catch any fallen fruit.

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