The Spring Break Edition ~ Chase Family Meal Plan

It’s spring break y’all. And we’re having all kinds of fun this week…so I’m going to keep this short…

We started off with a BBQ bang. And we’ll be doing make your own pizza night, as well as grilling burgers/dogs and s’mores…plus a slow cooker meal or two.

Now…I’m back to making sure the boys’ don’t hurt themselves as they bounce off the walls all day long 😉

Figured out what meals you want to make…now find the best deals by searching in the Favado app to determine which store has the best price on ingredients (mainly meats and vegetables)? Use the app to get the most bang for your grocery buck! 

Or spin the table and search the Favado app before making your meal plan, then plan your meals based on your family’s favorite ingredients that are on sale! 

Our Family’s Meal Plan


  • Cereal with fruit
  • Eggs, Sausage wit fruit


  • Out of lunch one day! Spring break treat!
  • Turkey sandwiches with fruit and baby carrots
  • Tuna sandwiches with fruit and baby carrots
  • Salad for me!


  • Slow Cooker Shredded Beef Sandwiches
  • Burgers, dogs, s’mores
  • Make your own Pizza with homemade crust!
  • Out for dinner twice! Mama’s taking a short spring break from the kitchen too!

Find all these recipes pinned onto Erin’s Chase Family Meal Plans board on Pinterest…pin them to your boards!



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