The *NEW* $5 Dinner Challenge

With the baby coming in a few short weeks, followed by the release of the cookbook, I think this is the best time to turn the $5 Dinner Challenge over to YOU!

It’s time to highlight YOUR recipes each week.  If you’ve got a frugal family favorite meal…then we wanna know about it!

If you’d like for your recipe to appear as one of the featured recipes for the $5 Dinner Challenge, then please email the following:

1. Your first name

2. Bio Line: A 2-3 sentence blurb about yourself!

3. Website/Blog Name (if applicable…you do NOT have to have a blog to submit recipes!)

4. Recipe – Please include ingredients, directions, cost (you are not obligated to break it down by cost) and how many people it serves.

5. Photographs of your meal/recipe – If you have the photo stored online somewhere, the HTML would be great…if not, then attach the photo to the email.

Please email the necessary information to: 5dollardinnerchallenge (at) gmail (dot) com

Send over your recipes and I’ll begin highlighting a different recipe each week, starting in mid-October!!!

Please note…if you have a larger family or are feeding older children, please feel free to use “your own $$ amount”…whatever is a challenge for you!

Note: I will continue to post a Mr. Linky so that you can all enjoy each other’s recipes.

**Our dinner tonight…Tuna salad on toasted bread with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.  Tuna was free!  Lettuce on sale. Tomatoes from the garden and used up the last of the bacon I had in the freezer.  And the Hubs had a slice of cheese, making his a “Tuna BLT Melt.”  Had some nectarines (found this morning on clearance) and cantaloupe.  Definitely under $5!

Have a Frugal and Healthy Recipe to share?

Post the recipe on your blog and then add the link below. Other guidelines can be found here. To make it easy for other readers to find your recipe, please leave the link that leads directly to your recipe post. Any links that lead to your homepage will be deleted. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to leave your recipe in the comments section!

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  1. Danielle Bennett says

    I just made something for myself and my daughter that was so inexpensive and good that I just had to share! I don’t have pictures, but like I said, it was good and came out of my pantry.

    I used two packages of pork flavored Ramen (which I know isn’t the healthiest), a package of scallops (3 oz, I think… though possibly less), and a dab of each of the following: dried cilantro, dried chives, dried dill, garlic, garlic powder (without salt), and 1 tbsp of sesame oil.

    I also served it with broccoli that I wish I had thought to steam, and I only used one flavor packet for the Ramen to cut down on the sodium (and because it had a nice subtle taste and didn’t need more).

    Honestly, my total cost was easily under $1.50 for lunch for myself and my toddler, who gets a fairly equal serving size since I’m eating 6x a day (this is a bigger meal for me) and she’s an eater. It’d be expensive to make if you had to go and buy all the ingredients, but not bad for a pantry find.

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