The *NEW* $5 Dinner Challenge

With the baby coming in a few short weeks, followed by the release of the cookbook, I think this is the best time to turn the $5 Dinner Challenge over to YOU!

It’s time to highlight YOUR recipes each week.  If you’ve got a frugal family favorite meal…then we wanna know about it!

If you’d like for your recipe to appear as one of the featured recipes for the $5 Dinner Challenge, then please email the following:

1. Your first name

2. Bio Line: A 2-3 sentence blurb about yourself!

3. Website/Blog Name (if applicable…you do NOT have to have a blog to submit recipes!)

4. Recipe – Please include ingredients, directions, cost (you are not obligated to break it down by cost) and how many people it serves.

5. Photographs of your meal/recipe – If you have the photo stored online somewhere, the HTML would be great…if not, then attach the photo to the email.

Please email the necessary information to: 5dollardinnerchallenge (at) gmail (dot) com

Send over your recipes and I’ll begin highlighting a different recipe each week, starting in mid-October!!!

Please note…if you have a larger family or are feeding older children, please feel free to use “your own $$ amount”…whatever is a challenge for you!

**Our dinner tonight…Tuna salad on toasted bread with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.  Tuna was free!  Lettuce on sale. Tomatoes from the garden and used up the last of the bacon I had in the freezer.  And the Hubs had a slice of cheese, making his a “Tuna BLT Melt.”  Had some nectarines (found this morning on clearance) and cantaloupe.  Definitely under $5!

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  1. Danielle Bennett says

    I just made something for myself and my daughter that was so inexpensive and good that I just had to share! I don’t have pictures, but like I said, it was good and came out of my pantry.

    I used two packages of pork flavored Ramen (which I know isn’t the healthiest), a package of scallops (3 oz, I think… though possibly less), and a dab of each of the following: dried cilantro, dried chives, dried dill, garlic, garlic powder (without salt), and 1 tbsp of sesame oil.

    I also served it with broccoli that I wish I had thought to steam, and I only used one flavor packet for the Ramen to cut down on the sodium (and because it had a nice subtle taste and didn’t need more).

    Honestly, my total cost was easily under $1.50 for lunch for myself and my toddler, who gets a fairly equal serving size since I’m eating 6x a day (this is a bigger meal for me) and she’s an eater. It’d be expensive to make if you had to go and buy all the ingredients, but not bad for a pantry find.

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