The 67 cent Birthday Dinner

I am in the throes of planning an animal themed birthday party for my soon to be 7, 4 and 3 year old children (all of their birthdays fall within 1 week of each other). The bash will be held at a pet shop where the kids will have a tour of the aquarium and get to play with various animals. When I first scheduled the party, I winced when I calculated what it would cost  to order pizza. Then a friend suggested that I could make my own version of a animal themed “Happy Meal”. The kids and I made “Doggy Bags” using a free download on Martha Stewart.  The best part (other than the price) is that almost every item could be packaged ahead of time.


  • Pb & J Sandwiches cut into dog shapes with a cookie cutter (freezing instructions if you want to make these ahead of time)
  • Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies
  • Baby Carrots (ie. bunny food)
  • Gummy Fish swimming in Blue Jello (instructions)


Our “Doggy Bags”


Price Breakdown: 

  • Loaf of bread: $1.29
  • 3/4 of jar of Peanut Butter: $1.94
  • 1/2 jar of Jelly: $0.70
  • Box of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies: $3.39
  • 4 boxes of Mixed Berry Jello + 1/2 bag of Gummy Fish: $3.68
  • Bag of Baby Carrots: $1

Total Cost: $12 or $0.67 per child

What is your favorite way to save on birthday meals?


  1. KerryAnn May says

    Please say you meant pet supply store and not a “we breed misery” pet shop. Visiting a pet shop that sells live puppies supports the puppy mill industry, even if you don’t buy anything, it does teach children that this is accepted and okay that puppies come from misery.

    I bet there is a local shelter or pet supply store (that partners with shelters and rescues to showcase adoptable pets) would be more than happy to host you. Please reconsider going to a pet store.

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