Thanksgiving Leftovers on Pinterest

Our families love all the savory and sweet family favorite dishes that are served for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year dinners. How about yours? These meals take a lot of planning and then before you know it we are at the day after and have containers of leftovers.

What are some of your family favorite Thanksgiving leftovers? What do you make with the leftover mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes or turkey? We love getting the most out of our food and with careful planning you can make a few extra meals out of those large holiday dinners.

If you are looking for holiday leftover recipes then pop over to the Thanksgiving Leftovers Pinterest board. You’ll find some of our family favorites and some of the best on the internet. Pinterest makes it easy for us to put together tasty collections of recipes! Feel free to leave any of your favorites in the comments below. If you leave your Thanksgiving leftovers links, we’ll add them to our board.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Stop over and check out our Thanksgiving Leftovers Pinterest board for quick & easy, budget friendly, and savory holiday leftover dishes!

And follow $5 Dinners on Pinterest, too!

What are some of your family favorite Thanksgiving leftover dishes? Please share your ideas and/or the link in the comments and we’ll get it added to the board!



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