Thanksgiving Meal Cost Breakdown

If you are in or around Dayton, I will be doing another cooking segment on Friday morning! Fox 45 at 8:45 am! Watch if you’re not out shopping!

Here’s My Thanksgiving Cost Breakdown

Turkey ($18.77)
I did not buy the turkey this year, Big Thanks to my MIL! But if I had, this is what it would have paid $1.29/lb for a 13 lb bird. This cost includes the lemons and garlic that I will “stuff” the turkey with.

Gravy ($.05)
I just added some flour, salt/pepper to the pan drippings. Whisk, whisk, whisk.

GF Cornbread Stuffing ($3)
GF Cornbread Mix (on sale and I froze half of the baked cornbread in slices for later!), seasoning, homemade chicken broth (free!), onion, celery

Homemade Stuffing ($1)
10 slices of bread (about 1/2 a loaf), seasoning, homemade chicken broth (free!), onion, celery

Sweet Potatoes ($3.72)
6 pounds of sweet potatoes with carmelized pecans (LINK)

Broccoli ($3.50)
2 bunches of broccoli and 2 lemons

Cranberry Sauce ($1.50)
I made this for us last week, as I knew my MIL would be bringing her favorite cranberry sauce and jello salad. I inluded it in the final cost.

Yeast Rolls ($3)
I broke down and bought 2 packages of Sister Schubert yeast rolls…on sale and with a coupon! These things melt in your mouth. And I wasn’t up for handmaking anything else!

Pumpkin Pie ($3)
I used free evaporated milk from a sale + coupon a few weeks ago, and $.50 can pumpkin from sale + coupon. Eggs, spices, homemade crust. Plus can of ReddiWhip that was on sale and had coupon and “ecoupon” for.

Apple Pie ($3)
I bought apples on sale and made this at MOPS. Stashed in the freezer for 10 days.

Grand Total $40.54

My brother and sister-in-law are bringing the appetizer and flowers for the pumpkin centerpiece.

Not included in this is the breakfast…we will be having an Egg Casserole, Fresh Fruit and these Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

Leftovers tonight! Gots to clear out the fridge to make way for the feast!


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