Alea’s Chicken and Summer Squash Skillet

Summer Squash and Chicken Recipe

The inspiration for this recipe is extreme fatigue. My family was craving a home-cooked meal and I really wanted to make them one. I went so far as to plan on making garlic chicken and sauteed squash. But as I started cutting up squash in preparation for dinner, I began to wonder if I could get away with combining the ingredients from the two recipes and quickly cooking the … [Read more...]

Alea’s Squash Calzone

Squash Calzone

My oldest son saw me chopping up squash and said, "Are we having squash again?" My husband told him to get used to it, "Your mother will be making squash for breakfast, squash for lunch, squash for dinner, crunch, crunch, crunch". The cheer did nothing to alleviate my son's concern and he walked out of the kitchen with a panicked look on his face. But after he tasted the Squash … [Read more...]