Alea’s Grilled Ratatouille

Grilling Veggies to make Ratatouille (640x477)

Ratatouille is one of the most frugal dishes in my repertoire. When my garden is in full swing the only ingredient I have to buy to make this dish is olive oil. As much as I like ratatouille, I must confess it has a couple of downsides. First, if I turn on the oven on a hot July day and only have vegetables to show for it, I will have a mutiny on my hands. Which brings me to … [Read more...]

Alea’s Vegetable Lasagna with Spinach “Noodles”

Vegetable Lasagna with Spinach Noodles |

Summer finally arrived and all of my cool weather crops reacted to the heat by bolting. One nice thing about spinach when it bolts is that the leaves along the flower stalk are flat making them a great substitute for noodles in lasagna: I overlap the spinach leaves to create a layer. If you only have curled spinach leaves you can flatten them out a bit by making small … [Read more...]