Mason Jar Herb Garden {Camilla Styles}

mason jar herbs

Love this idea for those with no much space, or those who want to keep it simple but still grow herbs in their kitchen. Position near a window in some direct sunlight to keep them growing and growing. And if you decide to take them outside, you could transfer them into a larger pot or planter or into the ground. Camille Styles shares the step by step to make this Mason Jar … [Read more...]

What’s Growing in the Garden – SFG Update

garden harvest farm 4

Quick growth update from the $5 Dinners Garden! We have a number of yellow summer squash growing in. And some hot chili peppers...these are growing like weeds! The cucumber plants have sprung out of the garden and I'm trying to train them to grow up that wire fence you can see. It's been a battle. To say the least. If I'm not careful, they'll be all … [Read more...]

Tilling, Fertilizing, Transplanting and Planting – April Garden Update


Tilling See those roots?!  Those are the reason that my hamstring muscles were sore from Monday through Thursday.  Those were the reason I was walking a little slower than usual on Tuesday. Those were the reason I could barely get through my 4 mile run on Friday legs still felt like lead! As I started tilling the garden on Sunday, I quickly realized that I was … [Read more...]

Ryan’s Square Foot Garden


Ever thought about how gardening can impact your child?! I really hadn't until last week...when Ryan shows up in the car after school with his garden "book."  What you see pictured above is the cover of his garden book. He's my little engineer...seeing things from different angles. 1. The blue sky. 2. The square foot planters, with their masking tape lines. (In … [Read more...]