Square Foot Gardening – Winterizing Your Garden

It's that time.  The brisk cold air.  No humidity. Little left on the vines or the veggie plants. It's time to winterize the garden.  I wanted to share a few of the basics to help get your garden ready for the winter...and ultimately for planting in the spring! Pull seeds from herbs, flowers and from inside the last vegetables from your crop. Save them to use for next … [Read more...]

Grow. Eat. Save. – Favorite Garden Recipes from 2010

Anyone else feel like they blinked and the 201o gardening season was over!?! I'm not sure what happened to the months of August. Or September. Or October. Warp speed, or something! This is the final round-up of your favorite recipes that use goodies from your garden (or the farmer's market!).  I'll be featuring the recipes linked up to this post in the late spring, early … [Read more...]

Winter Squash (Roasted Butternut Squash with Maple Pecan Topping) – Grow. Eat. Save.

butternut maple pecan 12

Roasted Butternut Squash with Maple Pecan Topping OK. So we all know that the squash in my garden were a big fat fail this year. I've come to grips with the situation, in large part because of the fabulous prices at the farmer's market for squash this fall.  (You might remember Gigantor Squash.) Well, I picked up a smaller squash from the farmer's market on Thursday (more … [Read more...]

Grow. Eat. Save. – Eggplants (and Eggplant Parmesan Recipe)

eggplant parmesan6

Eggplants.  The purple gems of the garden. Also known as a tasty treat for pesky chipmunks.  I saw 3 eggplants fruit in my garden in the last month and a half or so. And every one of them ended up as a meal for my little critter friends. Enemies, really. It helps knowing that they didn't get to enjoy the eggplants like we get to enjoy eggplants.  They have to eat them … [Read more...]

Square Foot Gardening Update

Other than the occasional tomato and green bean harvest, there's not much happening in my garden.  The fall plants are kaput. Apparently the chipmunks and squirrels thought the sprouts looked like salad and enjoyed them all for lunch! My rosemary and lasagna pot are also still going strong.  I sense some rosemary fall meals on the horizon. Kinda boring, but it is … [Read more...]