The Garden, From Afar

garden from afar 4

As promised, a few photos of my garden from afar. I debated using these photos, or going back out to take pictures with my iPhone...but seeing as how it's dark at the moment...these will have to do.  My "big camera" only has a "macro" lens...which means it's really only good at taking close up shots.  These far away shots blur things out. Like my adorable little son. He … [Read more...]

Ripening and Harvesting – Square Foot Gardening Update

SFG July update 9

The Lasagna Pot Overfloweth. I see some homemade pesto and fresh herb freezer cubes in my future. (Except I will probably use walnuts from the pantry (go, pantry challenge!) and not pine nuts.) Before we get into the sneak peek and the harvests, I just need to say that it's nothing short of a miracle that my garden is still alive.  I've been away for most of the month of … [Read more...]

Where the Wild Things Are! – Garden Update


I thought I'd show you some of the "wild things" that popped up in the garden this year! Above you see chives.  I planted the seeds early in the spring last year...not having a clue what would happen to them.  Some of them sprouted but didn't get too far.  I just left the pot alone over the winter...and up sprouted a bunch of chives! I'm looking forward to enjoying the … [Read more...]

More Sprouts and Some New Critters – SFG Update


The garden continues to flourish! Likely from all the rain! Sprouts The squash plants have started to make tiny squash. There are at least 1 on each of the 6 plants I have in the side patch near the square foot planters. Last year, I grew green beans in the side patch...and they did quite well.  Apparently, a seed from one of the beans from last year that fell into the … [Read more...]