Sharon’s Baked Ziti

by Sharon on December 16, 2010

Ziti all mixed up and ready to go into the oven. You will need the following ingredients: Two Boxes of Prince Ziti (1 lb. packages at 99 cents each) One pound of ground beef (on sale for $1.99) One Jar of Prego Pasta Sauce (26 – 28 oz. on sale for $1.50) One 8 oz. […]


There are nights when my 17 year old son is working late and my 15 year old daughter is busy at an afternoon class. I am going in all directions and cannot spend the morning or afternoon preparing a hot supper. So I make beef stew. I don’t start until 4 in the afternoon.  It […]


Sharon from The Legacy of Home shares a recipe from her childhood, that’s a favorite for her family of 9…and she does it for less than $9!