Mango Avocado Salsa with Sweet Lime Vinaigrette


When I was in Texas over the holidays, I went rummaging through my mom's refrigerator trying to come up with a fun appetizer for a family dinner we were having. I found a mango that I was going to use in a fruit salad, but when I cut into it and discovered it was tangy and not-so-sweet, I decided we needed to add more bold flavors, to help hide the tangy mango! I ended up … [Read more...]

Chicken Wraps with Balsam-melized Red Onions


I made up a new word. I think. I haven't googled it.  And I don't plan on it.  I'm going to play ignorant on this one and just revel in my new word. Balsam-melized. Onions. Caramelized. In balsamic vinegar. Balsam-melized. Add said onions with some grilled chicken, lettuce (and swiss cheese if you're not dairy free) in a tortilla...and you've got yourself some … [Read more...]