Alea’s Chicken and Radish Salad

chicken and radish salad

Autumn conjures up many images, but radishes are not usually among them. We typically think of radishes as spring vegetables, but I’ve discovered that they grow -and taste - even better in the fall. Radishes mature quickly (20 – 30 days), so you can start them as late as 3 weeks before the first frost.  They do best in a sunny location with loose soil that has been … [Read more...]

Radishes on Grow. Eat. Save.


This is your friendly reminder that this week's vegetable for Grow. Eat. $ave. is the glorious, but easily forgotten RADISH. Remember that Farmer's Market I stopped at over the weekend. I needed to get some radishes.  Because mine are not ready in time for this week's Grow. Eat. $ave! I have not a clue what to do with these radishes, other than shred them and add them … [Read more...]