Homemade Pumpkin in the Slow Cooker


Alright...for those of you were wondering about cooking your own pumpkins...here you go. Couple things you should know before you embark into the land of homemade pumpkin puree: You have to use a certain kind of pumpkin. The kind that you get for carving...yeah, those won't work. *bitter Look in your store for the "pie pumpkins"...they will be on sale and super cheap … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Scones {Sweet Pea’s Kitchen}


You know what I love about scones. They work anytime of the day. They work for breakfast. For morning snack or with brunch. They could work with a simple vegetarian lunch with fruit and veggie crudites. They totally work as an afternoon snack, and definitely as a dessert. Versatile little critters, aren't they?! Loving these Pumpkin Scones from Sweet Pea's … [Read more...]