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How To Choose and Cut a Mango

How often do you cook with mangoes? Do you just eat them plain or in a smoothie? There is so much more that you can do with this luscious fruit. We love mangoes and use every opportunity to add them to our family meal plan. Here are some ideas to inspire you in the kitchen. Take a look at some of my favorite Mango recipes... Mango Chicken Lettuce Wraps Mango Raspberry … [Read more...]

Orzo Salad with Mango & Avocado

Mango-Avocado Orzo Salad

Here is your next 'to-try' lunch recipe friends. Or a great side dish for carnitas or ranchero chicken. Or fajitas. Or grilled chicken. I adore the mango and avocado flavors together. About 5 days a week I have a salad for lunch, and 4 of those 5 days it has mango and avocado mixed in. Now that mangoes are back in season...we go through about 2 boxes a week from Costco. … [Read more...]

Mango Avocado Salsa with Sweet Lime Vinaigrette


When I was in Texas over the holidays, I went rummaging through my mom's refrigerator trying to come up with a fun appetizer for a family dinner we were having. I found a mango that I was going to use in a fruit salad, but when I cut into it and discovered it was tangy and not-so-sweet, I decided we needed to add more bold flavors, to help hide the tangy mango! I ended up … [Read more...]

Mango Chicken Lettuce Wraps


I have been itching to make some lettuce wraps ever since getting my lettuce transplants from the store earlier this year.  I've been waiting for the leaves to grow larger enough to actually wrap...and that time is now. When I learned about Chris Lilly and his Grilled Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Mango Marinade recipe from KC Masterpiece, I was inspired.  I made my own … [Read more...]

Mango Raspberry Smoothie

Mango Raspberry Smoothie | 5DollarDinners.com

Mango Raspberry Smoothie Yield - 4 servings Preparation Time - 5 minutes Cooking Time - 0 minutes Ingredients 1 cup frozen mango 1 cup frozen raspberries 1/2 cup milk 3 1/2 cups of water 2 Tbsp ground flaxseed Directions Add fruit, flaxseed, milk and water to blender. Blend! Makes about 32 oz. of smoothie...enough for 4 cups! **Note: I did not … [Read more...]