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Tricia’s Slow Cooker Ranch Packet Roast

by Tricia H on August 30, 2012

I’m always looking for frugal and easy ways to feed my family of seven. And, quite honestly, I look to the slow cooker often just so I won’t have to mess with fixing anything during those busy evening hours. For me, all seasons are slow cooker seasons. But especially fall with back to school and […]


Tricia’s Ultimate Loaded Quesadilla

by Tricia H on April 26, 2012

Simple. Filling. Nutritious. Child-friendly. Feed a crowd. Quesadillas – quick and quite delicious!


Tricia’s Easy Cake Mix Muffins

by Tricia H on March 22, 2012

These cake mix muffins are so simple to make and have such wide appeal, they’ve easily become a go-to recipe in our home.


Tricia’s Slow Cooker Love

by Tricia H on February 22, 2012

Some of our favorite Slow Cooker recipes, plus a recipe for Cranberry Chicken that takes only two ingredients!


Tricia’s Batch Cooking: Biscuits

by Tricia H on February 17, 2012

Check out tips on making homemade batch biscuits that are freezer ready…


Tricia’s Slow Cooker Batch Cooking Navy Beans

by Tricia H on January 26, 2012

I really love it when my slow cooker can do the work for me and in the winter months that means navy beans.


Tricia’s October Potatofest Recipes

by Tricia H on October 27, 2011

Our feeding the larger family ways will help you feed a crowd and take a break during the holidays!


Tricia’s Savings with Homemade Hummus

by Tricia H on September 22, 2011

Raise your hand if you love hummus. Yes, yes, lots of folks out there. Me too! Ok. How many of you pay big bucks for one of those tiny tubs of hummus at the store? A few, yes. How many have this little problem of keeping food and snacks stocked in your house? Me too! […]


Tricia’s Savings with Slow Cooker Yogurt

by Tricia H on August 25, 2011

I’ve started doubling the yogurt recipe to keep up with the demand in our home. Love me some slow cooker batch cooking!