Denise’s Pita Pizza Pockets Recipe

Denise's Pita Pizza Pockets

While my kids really love pizza, they're all very picky about their toppings and it seems like they each want something different. That's why I love these pita pizza pockets - they're super easy to make, the kids enjoy helping to make their own, and everybody gets exactly what they want in them. I cut the pitas in half, cooked the sausage and assembled the other … [Read more...]

Kids in the Kitchen – Cookies and Cream


No bake. Three ingredients. Guaranteed hit. Plus, it is so much fun for children to make! All I have to do is get the ingredients out and instantly there appear volunteers from the audience. Dressed the part, even! Chef hat and all. Children of all ages love to dip cookies in milk! Perfect to let the children make for a summer party. Either the chocolate … [Read more...]