Hot Chocolate Mix Gifts Your Kids Can Make!


Just four ingredients. Plus one or more children equal a fun time making hot chocolate mix for gifts. At our house we abandoned store-bought individual hot chocolate packets long ago. Only because we needed more. When the temperature dipped outside, we went through about a box in a day. With this recipe and warehouse-sized containers, we make a frugal, homemade version in … [Read more...]

Tricia’s October Potatofest Recipes


Our feeding the larger family ways will help you feed a crowd and take a break during the holidays! October is potato month for me for several reasons. Not only are potatoes frugal and can be served in a variety of ways, but October is right up next to November and December. October is the month I pile the potatoes in the freezer­ – freeing me up at holiday time. Potatoes … [Read more...]