Smothered Okra with Chicken and Rice – $5 Dinner Challenge

smothered okra chicken 6

When Steve and I lived in the Dominican Republic, one of our favorite side dishes was smothered okra.  I would go into the fruit and veggie market and get a pound of fresh okra.  I'd grab some peppers and an onion, then I'd probably pay $1 for it all...maybe $1.25, and I'd be on my way. Eddy was my market man...and he always gave me a great deal! Nothing had prices on it, … [Read more...]

How to Cut a Green Pepper {Video}

Green Peppers

Or perhaps the wrong way to cut a green pepper?!? I am a total green pepper cutting rebel and do my own thing when it comes to dicing, slicing and cutting green peppers. I am not, however, a rebel without a cause. I definitely cut with a cause.  In this case, freezing all these green peppers!  In the end, I wound up with the following meal size portions: 6 bags with … [Read more...]

Creamy Chicken Taco Pasta


Multitasking. I usually don't have trouble with multitasking. I can chat on the phone with my mom about the latest while sprinkling Critter Ridder powder all over my garden. (Pesky chipmunks.)  I can be uploading photographs of dinner while reading a story to the boys.  I can read emails while waiting in the drop off line at school (parked, and car turned off). I set up … [Read more...]

Stuffed Pepper Casserole – Guest Post


This is my green pepper plant from last summer's garden.  I'm definitely planting a few more plants in the garden this year...and when it comes time to harvest, I'll be making Jennifer's Stuffed Pepper Casserole! If you've got green peppers growing in your garden, or plans to add them in to your garden this year, then bookmark this delicious recipe!  And please share any … [Read more...]

Black Bean Fajitas

Black Bean Fajitas with Corn

My camera battery is still dead. ***Note to self: Make this quick, and go find that charger. We all really enjoyed this.  Even the boys, who mentioned...several times...that their lips were on fire. {Forgive the iPhone photos} Black Bean Fajitas Yield - 6 servings Preparation Time - 10 minutes Cooking Time - 15 minutes Ingredients 4 cups cooked black … [Read more...]