Rolled Pizza Bread

rolled pizza bread 15

When you can't have pizza on a regular basis, you have to get creative when you get those pizza cravings! I've got some dairy free and soy free mozzarella cheese and I figured there would be no way that I could cover an entire pizza with it, and keep it under $5! I recalled a Sausage bread that I made years's basically homemade pizza crust dough with sausage and … [Read more...]

Rigatoni with Italian Sausage and Red Peppers

Rigatoni-with-Italian-Sausage and Red Peppers

Super Simple Supper! This is a one dish dinner. (That brings up an important question...when you hear one dish dinner, do you think of it being a dinner that is SERVED in one dish, or COOKED in one dish?!) So this is technically a one dish served the whole meal is in one bowl.  But it was cooked in 2 pots...a pot for the pasta, and a skillet for the … [Read more...]

Green Pepper Chili – $5 Dinner Challenge


Simple. Take your basic chili...and add 2 green peppers. Diced, of course! (I made this on the Dayton Fox News morning show this week!  So if you've been looking for the recipe, here it is!) Remember those crazy wicked cheap green peppers I scored!?!  That's what inspired the green pepper addition.  I think I'll be adding green peppers to everything from now until … [Read more...]

Alea’s Herbed Chicken on Vegetable Confetti

August2010 113

Gardening helps offset my grocery bill, especially since I grow items that can be expensive at the grocery store such as peppers and tomatoes. The one downside to gardening is that supply sometimes exceeds demand, particularly when I grow things like yellow squash and zucchini. My children are now examining all baked goods with a suspicious eye, so I have to step up my game … [Read more...]

Double Bean Stuffed Green Peppers


Thought I'd replace the traditional beef in Stuffed Green Peppers with some black and red kidney beans instead.  And I'm glad I did!  The "filling" is so delicious and fresh...and it be great rolled up in a tortilla for lunch. (That's what I'll be having for lunch tomorrow.) Double Bean Stuffed Green Peppers Yield - 4 servings Preparation Time - 10 minutes Cooking … [Read more...]