Garden Trick for Green Beans – Snap as You Pick

So the green beans are coming at a "you better pick these daily" rate at this point.  So we're having them with either lunch or dinner everyday!  I couldn't be happier...I think green beans are one of the best garden investments in terms of seed cost and green bean get a TON from a $1.50 packet! The kids love the green beans too...either one or both of the boys … [Read more...]

Stuffed Green Chile Chicken

Stuffed Green Chile Chicken

So I grabbed some green chilies a few weeks ago when I was stocking up (and going over-budget, sigh!)...and I had plans to make a green chile chicken in the slow cooker...but decided to pound out the chicken and roll it around the green chilies instead.  I paired this with brown rice, corn kernels and green some green beans from the garden. I'm glad I changed … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa


(Please pardon the iPhone photo. Dead camera battery.) I went out yesterday morning to survey the garden...and to make sure it survived our weekend away. I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of red grape-roma tomatoes, and a meal's worth of green beans!  I picked some basil, parsley and oregano and then got to work. So we're calling this "Mediterranean" because it has … [Read more...]

Teriyaki Chicken Kebabs


Twitter knows everything. It even knows what you're having for dinner tonight. (Well, only if you ask.) It really does. It's never let me down. A recent tweet of mine: "Looking for a dinner idea for tonight that involves chicken and a grill...anyone?" And I liked Carrie's idea best. Teriyaki Chicken Kebabs it is! Would someone please tell me how to spell KEBABS?!? … [Read more...]