Bargaining at the Farmer’s Market

So I chatting with a friend recently, and she asked..."How do you get these great prices at the farmer's market? Do you bargain with them or something?" I replied, "No. I just get lucky, I guess!" But the convo got me thinking about bargaining, and how widely unacceptable it has become in our culture.  In the Dominican Republic, it was commonplace to bargain.  I felt … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes


For the past, um, year or so, I have not done a whole lot with potatoes.  And for good reason.  Ryan tested positive for a potato allergy, among other things.  So I quickly removed them from our diet. A few weeks ago, we got the go ahead from both the allergist and the GI doctor to start reintroducing the more "tame" foods...or the ones he reacted to least...and see if he … [Read more...]

Ways to Use Homemade Pesto Sauce


Rather than let the garden herbs grow out of control, make pesto instead.  I have found that it doesn't really matter how much of which kind of herb you long as you have enough basil in there to give it that basil flare. I did not measure my pesto as I made it...but I'll tell you what I put in it...and then just added a little salt and olive oil to make it taste … [Read more...]

How to Cut a Green Pepper {Video}

Green Peppers

Or perhaps the wrong way to cut a green pepper?!? I am a total green pepper cutting rebel and do my own thing when it comes to dicing, slicing and cutting green peppers. I am not, however, a rebel without a cause. I definitely cut with a cause.  In this case, freezing all these green peppers!  In the end, I wound up with the following meal size portions: 6 bags with … [Read more...]

Amazon Grocery Deals – Coconut Oil, Annie’s Organic Bunny Snacks

coconut oil

I have been using Swagbucks for almost a year now...and I have been stocking up on Amazon credit that I "purchased" with Swagbucks points. We have decided to use some of this credit to buy some more natural products, like flaxseed, coconut oil and maple syrup. We love getting our maple syrup delivered, and I look forward to adding a few more of these great, natural products … [Read more...]