Denise’s Cinnamon Pecans

Denise's Cinnamon Pecans

We have a pecan tree in the back yard that is producing like crazy this year, unfortunately the squirrels are enjoying more of them than we are but it still put me in the mood to make some pecan yummies even though I actually had a to buy a bag of nuts at the store. There are only a few ingredients needed for this super simple recipe and the kids really enjoyed helping … [Read more...]

Denise’s Easy Ziploc Bag Ice Cream Recipe

Easy Ziploc Bag Ice Cream

My kids have been seeing television commercials for an ice cream maker that shows kids making their own ice cream in 15 minutes and it does look fun (and tasty!) but they're $10 each and of course I'd have to get one for each of the five kids. Instead we figured out how to make our own ice cream using zip style plastic bags that we already have in the house. All you need … [Read more...]

Denise’s Lemonade Pie

Denise's Lemonade Pie

We have several backyard barbecues planned during June to celebrate Father's Day, my dad's birthday and some visiting relatives from out of town so I'm looking forward to making several of these super simple Lemonade Pies!  Everyone enjoys these ice cream pies and you can even switch it up by using orange juice concentrate, frozen strawberries or pink lemonade … [Read more...]

Denise’s Chocolate Chip Blondies


When I was growing up these Chocolate Chip Blondies were my favorite treat in the world!  I still love them and beg my mom to make them for me even though I've been stuck at 39 for a little while now.  I have finally talked her into letting me have the recipe so I can share these blonde beauties with you. The piece of paper that she handed me is so old and worn that it … [Read more...]

Denise’s Fast and Easy Cheese Turnovers


During the holiday season we seem to constantly be on the run and we have lots of friends and family popping by so this is a terrific recipe for those times when you need something fast but tasty, so you don't have to spend all your time in the kitchen but you can still impress your guests!  These cheese turnovers are wonderful as an appetizer or for dessert, and they just take … [Read more...]