Fall Fry {One Skillet Dinner for 10}

fall fry

A few years ago, my family visited Silver Dollar City and noticed a delicious meal being served up from street vendor carts for about $10 per plate. I came home from that trip and decided I could make that same meal for my entire family of 10 for under $10! We dubbed it "Fall Fry" and it is an often requested dish that is super simple to make because it only requires one … [Read more...]

Chicken & Black Bean with Salsa Soup


So I could have named this recipe a number of things. Chicken Taco Soup Chicken, Salsa and Double Bean Soup Tex-Mex Chicken Soup Clear out the Pantry Chicken Soup And in the end I settled on Chicken, Black Bean with Salsa Soup. (Which definitely hurts the feelings of the red beans...they feel totally left out.) Chicken & Black Bean with Salsa … [Read more...]

Avocado Chicken Tacos – $5 Dinner Challenge


So I made these a few weeks ago...and I'm so sorry it took me so long to get them posted.  I used 2 of the smaller peppers from my garden, along with some of my cherry-like tomatoes. And avocados. *swoon* And I think these would be just as great with ground beef or ground turkey tacos.  Love the different flavor and texture that the avocado chunks brought to these … [Read more...]

Green Chile Burgers


We've been doing burgers every Sunday night all summer...and these are up there in my top 5! Loved the Mexican flavor...the zip (but not so zippy that the kids wouldn't eat them)...the added smokiness from the grill. Yum! Green Chile Burgers Yield - 6 servings Preparation Time - 10 minutes Cooking Time - 10 minutes Ingredients 1.2 lb. ground beef ($1.78) 1 4 … [Read more...]

Stuffed Green Chile Chicken

Stuffed Green Chile Chicken

So I grabbed some green chilies a few weeks ago when I was stocking up (and going over-budget, sigh!)...and I had plans to make a green chile chicken in the slow cooker...but decided to pound out the chicken and roll it around the green chilies instead.  I paired this with brown rice, corn kernels and green onions...plus some green beans from the garden. I'm glad I changed … [Read more...]