Alea’s Mexican Cocoa Fudge

Mexican Cocoa Fudge Recipe

Have you ever had Mexican Cocoa? It is a delightful combination of dark chocolate and cinnamon with just a tiny bite to it from cayenne pepper. If you haven't had it, you must try it when you have a chance. In the mean time you can enjoy this spicy cinnamon chocolate fudge recipe which has all the flavors of Mexican Hot Chocolate. This fudge is made with dark chocolate, … [Read more...]

Alea’s Easy Homemade Chocolate Syrup

Easy Homemade Chocolate Syrup

Sunday was National Ice-Cream Day and we decided to celebrate with homemade ice-cream sundaes at home. Unfortunately, I forgot to check on our sundae supplies before I made the announcement. I thought I had a jar of my homemade hot fudge sauce in the fridge. When I pulled out the empty jar my husband and kids confessed to sneaking spoonfuls of it.  When I went to the pantry to … [Read more...]