Featured Pinterest Board: Chilled Drinks & Smoothies

Carrot Juice Smoothies

Summer is here and chilled drinks and smoothies will be made all season long. Cool refreshing drinks are perfect for all of our summer parties. One of our favorite drinks to serve at get togethers is this easy-to-make and refreshing Cherry Limeade Punch. When it comes to smoothies, I love tossing in fruits and veggies for the boys. Smoothies are a great way to get in those … [Read more...]

Chilled Drinks & Smoothies ~ July’s Pinterest Board of the Month

Chilled Drinks and Smoothies

Steamy Summer days and nights are here in full swing! One way we like to keep cool is to create chilled summer drinks and smoothies. How about you? Some of our favorite summer drinks include tea and fruit in the list of ingredients. Have you tried adding vegetables to your fruit smoothies or greek yogurt to make them even healthier? Do your kids love making and drinking … [Read more...]