Erin’s Pesto Bruschetta


Good Monday afternoon friends!  You all are in for a treat this fine Monday.  You're getting a double bonus on recipes today! This one, plus another tonight for the $5 Dinner Challenge! I was working on dinner over the weekend when Steve pops into the kitchen with a few handfuls of itty bitty tomatoes. Huh? I thought the garden was "done."  I haven't officially closed … [Read more...]

Avocado Chicken Tacos – $5 Dinner Challenge


So I made these a few weeks ago...and I'm so sorry it took me so long to get them posted.  I used 2 of the smaller peppers from my garden, along with some of my cherry-like tomatoes. And avocados. *swoon* And I think these would be just as great with ground beef or ground turkey tacos.  Love the different flavor and texture that the avocado chunks brought to these … [Read more...]

Summer Squash Quesadillas – Grow. Eat. Save.


***These would make a great appetizer for your July 4th BBQ!*** Just sayin'. (OK, just had to get that out of the way.) So for the second time, I've had to pick up the veggie from the market to make my meal for Grow. Eat. $ave. I remember looking through last year's garden posts, and by this time in June 2009 my squash plants were producing a new squash every other … [Read more...]

Beef & Bean Burgers – $5 Dinner Challenge


A few notes about this lovely meal. These were SO GOOD, but they were super crumbly...from the I would add an egg to hold the burgers together. The cilantro and lettuce are from the garden. The bread...because I had no buns in the house. And ran out of time to make them from scratch. The salsa is homemade from last year's garden. (Canned, of course.) The … [Read more...]

Scallops with Herbed Tomato Sauce


Nikki told me about a recipe in the August issue of the Rachael Ray magazine...Scallops and Herbed Raw Tomato Sauce.  I took the idea of grilling the scallops, and then tossed it with a partially sauteed herb, tomato and olive oil sauce...and some pasta too!  I had some "on sale" scallops in the freezer...and tomatoes from the garden, so this fancy dish could be made for less … [Read more...]