Reviving Dry Carrots and Dehyrdated Celery – Kitchen Shortcut

Dry Carrots

(Please pardon the iPhone photo.) A little trick I learned back in my early cooking days in the Dominican Republic... When you see baby carrots, carrot sticks, and celery stalks starting to dehydrate or go limp, all they need is a little water to revive them!  Simply place them into a container with some water.  When I have baby carrots or cut carrot sticks go dry, I like … [Read more...]

Chunky Bolognese Sauce ($5 Dinner Challenge)

Homemade Bolognese Sauce |

I have been itching to make a Bolognese Sauce ever since Jamie emailed me her recipe during the Pantry Staples contest.  I dug out the last of the bacon from the freezer, grabbed a few cans from the pantry, and pulled out the ground beef and veggies from this past week's grocery trip. I decided to double up and make 2 batches, as I found I had plenty to do so.  And thought this … [Read more...]

A1 Beef Stew


This was the perfect meal to come home to after an afternoon adventure/walk to the park!  It was just cold enough outside to be chilly, but not so cold that we didn't enjoy ourselves!  Arriving home to this soup was lovely! Warmed our tummies right up! Here is the "doubled" version of the recipe!  The total cost is not under $5...but since it is two meals worth...we … [Read more...]