Quinoa and Black Bean Burritos with “Guac De Gallo” – $5 Dinner Challenge


I have been on a bit of a quinoa kick lately.  Making it way more often than rice! (I guess that's what happens when you buy 8 lbs. of the stuff!) Cinnamon Walnut Quinoa, plus a Curried Chicken Quinoa that I'll be making this week and a Spicy Southwest Quinoa that I've got on the calendar to share soon! And now... A "new and improved" rice and beans burrito!  Using … [Read more...]

Smothered Okra with Chicken and Rice – $5 Dinner Challenge

smothered okra chicken 6

When Steve and I lived in the Dominican Republic, one of our favorite side dishes was smothered okra.  I would go into the fruit and veggie market and get a pound of fresh okra.  I'd grab some peppers and an onion, then I'd probably pay $1 for it all...maybe $1.25, and I'd be on my way. Eddy was my market man...and he always gave me a great deal! Nothing had prices on it, … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Mini-Meatballs


I've had this hankering for olives lately. While I haven't set out to eat an entire jar of green olives, I have no doubt that I could do it...as long as I had a huge glass of water and something sweet nearby. As I was perusing the cupboards when making my meal plan over the weekend, my eye fell on the olive jar ($.49 from Walgreens). And as I started to tear into it and eat … [Read more...]

Jalapeno Chicken Bake


The Pantry Challenge continues...Tonight's "throw together" is the Jalapeno Chicken Bake! Le Ingredients. Nothing fancy...just a can of Zesty Jalapeno Diced Tomatoes, some spices and chicken...but it was a HIT at our table! Jalapeno Chicken Bake Yield - 4 servings Preparation Time - 5 minutes Cooking Time - 35 minutes Ingredients 1.2 lb. package chicken … [Read more...]