31 Days of Gluten Free Meals: Quinoa Primavera

Gluten Free Quinoa Primavera

Time to jazz up your quinoa with some light and tasty flavors of spring - perfect for a simple weeknight dinner, or to serve to friends who are coming over for lunch...or to lunch on throughout the week. Also, don't forget to rinse your quinoa to help rid of some of the bitter flavors that can creep in if you don't rinse it well. I really hope that you've enjoyed this 31 … [Read more...]

Chorizo Rice Skillet Dinner {New Recipe ~ 31 Days of Gluten Free Meals}

Chorizo Rice Skillet Dinner from 5DollarDinners.com

One of the beautiful things about a pantry challenge (from 2 weeks ago!) is that you unearth treasures from the depths of your freezer. And one of those treasures for me was a 20 oz. package of chorizo links. (Score!) I knew right away that I could pull off another 'pantry challenge meal' with the chorizo, along with some rice and other goodies in the pantry. Plus a lone … [Read more...]

31 Days of Gluten Free Meals: Seven Layer Tostadas

7 Layer Tostadas

It's time to pile high all your favorite taco night toppings onto a gluten-free corn tostada shell. (If you can't find tostada shells in your grocery store, a regular old taco shell will do...just crack it in half, lay it down on the plate and start piling.) Just be careful when you start eating it! Get the full recipe for Seven Layer Tostadas here! Welcome to our 31 … [Read more...]

31 Days of Gluten Free Meals: BBQ Chicken Topped Potatoes

BBQ Chicken Topped Potatoes

I highly recommend double or triple batching when you make BBQ chicken in the Dutch oven or slow cooker. I like to cook mine in the slow cooker or Dutch oven because I love the way the meat gets more tender as it slow cooks. I love the saucy-soupy BBQ sauce that melts into the chicken stock. And I love how freezer friendly the cooked BBQ shredded chicken ends up being...which … [Read more...]

31 Days of Gluten Free Meals: Slow Cooker Peach Glazed Pork Roast

Peach Glazed Pork Roast

Want a meal with just 5 minutes prep time? Here you go...plop pork roast in the base of the slow cooker. Add a few spoonfuls of jelly and a few spices. Cover and cook. BOOM...that took less than 5 minutes. Keep it simple with a side of brown rice and some steamed veggies. Perfect meal, in a matter of minutes! That's my favorite kind of meal! Get the full recipe for Slow … [Read more...]