Sweet Treats – Holiday Gift Ideas from Domino/C&H


When the folks at Domino/C&H asked if I’d like to make some holiday sweet treats using their sugar, I obliged!  They have a slew of holiday cookie recipes and other edible gift ideas to choose from…I went with the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix in a Jar and the Gingerbread Men.


Simple enough. And they even have a cute little gift tag you can print out with instructions!


Next up. Gingerbread Dough/Batter.


Don’t forget to dip those cutters into flour…


This way, the little men easily come out of the rolled dough.


And if they don’t come out of the dough easily (which frequently happens to me with the first rolled out batch, as the counter isn’t sticky yet and the flour slides around under the dough), then used a spatula to scoop them up.


And if the spatula distorts the head…(see above)…


Then a little brain surgery might be in order…


All better.


Bake. But they need some faces, and buttons!




Went for the less-mess ziploc bag to pipe out the icing. And by less-mess, I mean that I didn’t have to deal with cleaning up my other frosting tools!


After I decorated a few, I let the kids do a few.  The highlight being an enthusiastic rendition of  “Rudolph the Red Nosed Gingerbread Man“!!!!


Quality Control.



Be sure and check out these great holiday homemade and edible gift ideas from Domino/C&H Sugar!

Disclosure: Domino/C&H did provide me with a gift card to cover the cost of the ingredients used to make these treats.

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Would make great holiday gifts for EVERYONE!!! {wink, wink}


  1. Leigh says

    We made gingerbread men, trees, snowmen, and bells last night. I made some homemade cream cheese frosting, separated them, and added food coloring. We all had fun decorating and eating our creations.

  2. says

    thanks for the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix in a Jar. These will make great gifts from the kids to their teachers, babysitter, bus driver, etc. And the older kids will also get a great lesson in measuring ingredients.

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