Super Why! Cake


I searched the interwebz HI and LO for some photos of a Super Why! cake.

I came across two.  One of his face.  Another of the book/orbit symbol.

I “needed” to see some examples before embarking on this “I can make this cake all by myself” journey!!!

I ended up printing out an image of Super Why! and his Why! writer…and doing my own thang!


There’s the Why! writer cake.  And I do realize the bottom of the Why! writer is blue, not brown.  But when you decide to finish decorating the cake 10 minutes before guests arrive…you’ve gotta go with what’s available.  Note to self: 10 minutes is not long enough to “put the finishing touches” on a cake!

Since there are NO instructions or tutorials on how to go about creating a Super Why! cake…I’ll share my NOVICE skillz and advice with you!  This is by FAR the most elaborate cake I’ve turned out yet!


Put the cake in the freezer for a bit before frosting.  This will help keep the crumbs from getting all mixed up in the batter.  Frost 1 layer of white frosting all the way around.


Using a tip with pointy edging, make several strips of his hair.  Make a second layer over the first layer towards the middle to give the illusion that his hair is standing up and sticking out.  Using a knife or toothpick, trace out the outline of his green goggles/mask.  I then used a metal tablespoon to mark out the white space that would become his eyes.


Using white frosting and green dye, mix until it reaches the desired green color.  Add small dabs of the green frosting into the mask area.  Dip your finger in water and then into the frosting and then spread the green dabs over the mask area.


Super Why! needed a bit of a tan.  He was looking a little pasty!  I mixed up some white frosting with 1 drop of orange and 1 drop of yellow until it turned the color of Super Why!’s skin.  Spread all over the facial area.  I tore up the cardboard box that the dye came in and used that edge to smooth out the skin portion.


Using a metal teaspoon, I marked out where the blue parts of his eyes should be.  Just as I did before, I dipped my finger in water and carefully smoothed out the blue parts of his eyes.  I did the same again for the smaller black parts of his eyes.


This is what Super Why! looked like on Monday night.  I saved his mouth and eyebrows for Tuesday.

And I forgot his nose :(

Only 1 kiddo noticed, and Bubby didn’t care…he just wanted to eat the cake!


Ta Da!

{pats self on back}


There’s Super Why!

I’d say it was a success because every child at the party recognized who the cake was supposed to be!  I’d give myself a hug if I’d have given the poor dude a nose.  So I’m settling for a {pat on the back}!

There’s my super-novice advice and opinions on making a Super Why! cake…Now watch, PBS Kids will release the cake pan and full decorating set next week!!!

Oh well…it was a fun adventure and there was not a crumb left of the cakes!


  1. says

    Great job on the cake! Cake decorating is not my thing. I am terrible at it. You did a great job. And if the kids loved it, that is the important part.

  2. Rochelle says

    Wow! that’s great! I’ve been following you on twitter hoping you’d release how you did it!

    I just don’t understand what you mean by using a metal teaspoon. Like you made a line and used it to outline the spot where the color should go?

    Again! That’s amazing! Now if you could do it without eggs (2 year old allergic to eggs)!


    • says

      Yep…the metal spoons made the outlines so they eyes would actually be circles. Much better than me trying to “guestimate” circles!

  3. says

    Wow. great job. I would like to do Princess Pea for my daughter’s birthday next month. She’s really into princesses and i think that would work. nice idea of using the tablespoon.

  4. says

    great job!!!! we enjoy super why at our house too and these turned out great!!!!!

    another way to get rid of crumbs is to do a crumb coat. just a thin layer of white frosting, then put it in the fridge for about an hour. then pull out and finish decorating.

  5. says

    I am impressed. All my attempts at cake making have only turned out lop-sided, warped amoeba shapes with crumb-littered icing and some shaky writing. So, I take my hat off to you.

  6. says

    That is awesome. For a ‘novice’ you did a fantastic job! I dont think I would have noticed the missing nose if you hadnt pointed it out.

  7. Toni says

    My DS4 was with me looking at this & knew exactly who it was. I say you done a great job, the cake looks awesome.. Now his birthday is in a month & he wants that cake. My cake talents are not so great.

  8. says

    I love it! Your cakes look wonderful! I am going to book mark this one, because my youngest loves absolutely loves Super Why!

  9. says

    Awesome job, Erin!! My daughter will be 3 on Saturday and she came right over to the computer shouting “HEY THAT’S SUPER WHY!” :-) Major success!

  10. says

    Great job! My son just saw the cake and started yelling “Super Why!” Looks like I may be attempting to duplicate this for a certain 3 year old’s birthday in a few months.

  11. Becky Free says

    OMG(goodness)!!! My sons LOVE super why!!!! Thanks for the AWSOME idea for their mext birthdays!!! I LOVE all your tips/tricks….welll EVERYTHING about you/your page =) I brag to alll my mommy friends about 5 doller dinners too =)

  12. says

    My son is turning three in a couple of weeks and I wasn’t going to make a thomas cake, but I really want to and now that he has caught wind of the possibility, that is all he says, thomas cake thomas cake…so I started looking on line for photos and instructions. I came across this page and I have to say I am very impressed! I called my son over to show him, we slowly scrolled down and it was so fun to watch his face as he realized what was happening, who was appearing right before his eyes! He was giggling and just couldn’t believe it! Good work!

  13. says

    What a great post!!! You have given me the ambition to try and make my daughters first bday cake!! I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I will be telling my friends about your site..Thanks Again, Jaime

  14. says

    I just had to stop by and say thanks for posting this. My son wants SuperWhy for his 5th birthday in a few weeks. There are no cakes around here, no one even knows the show. I was going to settle for the little paper peices stuck into the cake until I remember you posted this. I’m going to try my best to get it made for my son. It’s is last party for a while so I want to make this special for him.


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