Sunshine 4 Teachers

Today Jen shares with us some practical tips for how you can get the perfect gift for your child’s teacher.  I am just thrilled to have found her site, as now I know I’ll be getting the RIGHT gifts for the teachers who pour some much love and energy into the boys!

Sunshine 4 Teachers is all about showing teachers that we appreciate them…and more than that, what makes teachers feel appreciated.  I want people to know before they go spend $10 at the gift store on a gold apple statue that says “#1 Teacher”, that they should really save that money.  Save your money and read about what you can do from the heart that they will really appreciate.
I have a few ideas to share about how to be sneaky and find out what your child’s teacher really likes.  I just found out this Saturday what one of the things my oldest daughter’s teacher really loves…and it’s the very last thing I would have bought for her…and it also costs about 1/20th of what I was going to spend on her.  

I blog about ideas for when we have some extra money and would like to spend it on a teacher, ideas for things they’ll love and use.  I also have lots of ideas for when we might only have $2 to spend…or no dollars to spend!!!
Next week, May 4th to May 8th, is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Stop on over to find out how to bring a little Sunshine to a teacher’s day.  I love to read your questions and your ideas on how to bring a smile to a teacher’s face.

Jen has a list of ideas in her sidebar, as well as other posts you might find helpful when deciding how to show your appreciation to your kids’ teachers!  I got several ideas from her site and look forward to giving personal and practical gifts this year!


  1. Mariam F. says

    These are such cute and thoughtful gifts that any teacher would love to get! I am a teacher and I can’t begin to tell you how many gifts I’ve gotten over the years, and as wonderful as they are, the one’s that mean the most are those original homemade gifts that you know came from the heart!

  2. Leah says

    As a teacher, and REALLY grateful mom, I also believe that more families should find ways to express their gratitude. One thing I like to do is give chair massages to my teachers. My sister is a certified massage therapist and occasionally, with a little bartering from me (free babysitting offered), she will spend no student/teacher workdays at school giving chair massages during staff breaks. The teachers LOVE it and my sister passes out business cards, which frequently leads to further business opportunities for her.

  3. says

    I taught for over 30 years. Honestly, I appreciated a note from the heart as much as any gift. I really appreciated the mugs at Christmas, but you could tell I taught a long time by the dozens I have. It is not so much the gift as the thought.

    I still have the notes that were given to me and they bring me so much joy when I re-read them.

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