Sunday Coupon Preview – Valentine’s Edition

Want a sneak peak at what coupons are in this Sunday’s paper?


Last week, I checked 2 lists and both said there would be no inserts…and being that it’s a holiday weekend, and there are not normally coupons on holiday weekends, I thought there would be no coupons, but the lists were wrong!

Check out what coupons are in this weekend’s newspaper!!!

1 Red Plum insert

Now why would I want to know what coupons are in the newspaper ahead of time…you might ask!?!  If there are couposn for your favorite products…or coupons for products that are frequently on sale and you can get them for SUPER CHEAP, even FREE, then you might want to pick up a few extra papers.  This way you’ll have those few extra coupons that you need to stockpile those favorite products when they go on sale.

Enjoy the Preview!

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