Summer Reading ~ Food-centric Children’s Books

Food Centric Children's Books

One of the joys of having children is watching them learn new things, and for me I adore watching as they are learning how to read. They start on my lap and we read lots and lots and lots and lots of books on my lap. It takes time, lots of time…and patience, as we sound out word after word. Then I transition them to next to me on the couch, and I read a page and they read a page. And then it’s them reading on the couch by themselves, calling out every so often, “Mom, what does a-w-e-s-o-m-e spell?”

And recently it’s moving more towards questions about comprehension and vocabulary, “Mom, what does substantial mean? Is that how you say it? Sub-stan-ti-al?”

We are quite adventurous with our reading around here…there are times of upside down reading. And books about farting. (Who knew?!) And pretending to be a bridge while you read. (Sensory issues much?!)

And writing and publishing our own books. Book 1 here. Book 2 here.

With our family’s mandatory ‘read on your bean bag for half an hour’ time this summer, we’ve managed to have a few giggles and fun conversations about food and eating…in large part to these books.

FoodCentric Children's Books

Our Favorite Food-Centric Children’s Books

everybody cooks rice

piggie pie

Does your family have any food-centric books that you enjoy reading? Please let me know so we can check them out at the library this summer!


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