Summer Holiday Kebab Party

Last year I had a potluck kebab party.

The End.

No…really, I desperately wanted to have another last sumer, but never got around to it.  And I wasn’t about to let this summer go by without having another one!

We had some friends over for dinner last night and we made llllloooottttssss of kebabs!  Some on skewers, and some on rosemary stalk/skewers. (Love the way that the rosemary makes the chicken and veggies taste.)

So here’s the deal with kebab parties.

  • We are in a recession and everyone can chip in towards the cost of the kebabs. No huge costs on the host!
  • They allow for a variety of fun kebab combinations and dipping sauces!
  • You can ask others to ask bring a side dish or dessert.  Again, spread the costs out…everyone wins that way!
  • They are perfect for long, leisurely holiday weekends!

Seeing as how the Weber One Touch Charcoal Grill giveaway is still going on through the holiday weekend, I thought I’d give even more chances to enter! Head on over and share up to 3 of your favorite kebab combinations. (Be sure to leave 3 separate comments!)

I’m into grilling fruit kebabs these days…grilled pineapple, grilled strawberries…lip smackin’ good!

We are beyond grateful for the wonderful new addition to our back patio.  Weber was kind enough to send us a new grill, and we couldn’t be more grateful!  Our old grill was a Weber…and it was old.  Our new grill is a Weber…and it is new. And sparkly too.

The grate surface area is so much larger, it is easier to turn on and off…and I’m not afraid that I’m going to blow up the grill each time I turn it on.

(This is true.  Every time I would hit the ignite button on our old grill, I uttered a prayer under my breath that went something like this…Dear Lord, Please don’t let this grill blow up in my face. Please. Thanks!)

It also has a super handy dandy “upper deck” that allows for some indirect cooking.  I have always been afraid of burning the bottom of cheeseburgers after placing the cheese on the burger and waiting for it to melt. Not a problem if let the cheeseburgers hang out on the “upper deck.”

Again, we are so thankful…for our unburned cheeseburgers, for no longer worrying about being blown up, and for the ability to batch grill more than before!

So now, I want to hear from you!

Are you a grilling girl?

  • If so, what are some secret tricks you can share with us?!
  • If not, what is holding you back?!

Let’s get our GRILL on GIRLS!

(And guys, feel free to share of course!)


  1. says

    It’s not a secret trick, but I always brush my grill with oil before I grill items that could stick. Growing up, my parents are divorced, and summers with my Dad (winters too now that I think about it) dinner was always grilled. Even baked beans or veggies from a can, he’d rip the paper off and stick on the grill with the food and just keep stirring it. A little redneck-y but it made clean up easy!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  2. says

    We’re not too fancy around here… usually we either use beef or chicken with mushrooms, bell pepper, onion and cloves of garlic. Yes, garlic! Get one of those giant bags of garlic heads and you’ll have plenty for your next few grilling parties.
    The only thing we change every so often is the seasoning we use. One of my great loves is the spice mixes from Savory. They have the best herbs and spices. That’s one place I try to never scrimp – the spices!

  3. ATL Cook says

    YES, I am a grilling girl. After DH died, it was either grill or do without. Gas grill.

    My favorite kebobs are with rosemary and I have tons of it. Chicken, fresh squash-zucchini, and bell peppers. Vegetables straight from the garden.

  4. Kara says

    Ok, I have a question, I have a GINORMOUS rosemary plant and would love to know how you use rosemary stalks for skewers!! Please share with those of us that aren’t smart enough to figure that out!!!

  5. says

    Was looking at your Kebab info and photos.
    What a joy to see the baby eating Popsicle.
    I got quite a chuckle, thanks for all you due
    and for sharing.
    Hope you all have a truly
    Happy 4th!

    Brightest Blessings,
    hazel Mauer

  6. says

    Kara-I’d add rosemary to my marinade or thread a twig through the meat chunks and around veggies and back through meat chunks. Now that I’d gone and thought about that, it would look rather pretty.

    We just had kebabs on Friday. My favorite kebab had only two, sorry, three ingredients if you include the seasoning. It was made using pineapple chunks and shrimp with a sprinkling of lemon pepper. But I bet teriyaki would’ve been even better!

  7. says

    This was also the first time that I’d had potatoes on a kebab. They were parboiled after being cut into quarters. Some got overcooked and crumbled while trying to put on the skewars, but most were just fine. These are perfect for that meat & potatoes person. We had them in combination with pork, beef or chicken and seasoned with olive oil (all kebabs we made were drizzled with olive oil first) and salt and pepper. A nice crust forms on the potatoes.

  8. says

    Asparagus is wonderful on the grill as well. Depending on length, cut into thirds or fourths and thread on skewars with chicken, purple onion (the “white” end of either white or red scallions is yummy, too) and red/orange/yellow/green peppers. Again, seasoned by olive oil and s & p.

  9. says

    I have to confess that I normally leave the grilling to my husband but this is inspiring me to take control of the grill, occasionally, at least!

  10. Deborah says

    I love to grill, have never done kebabs. My favorite thing on the grill is Boston Butt Pork Roast…with Rosemary…Salt…Pepper…McCormick Grill Mates….Onion & Garlic Powder…
    Then use apple wood chips to smoke it also…
    NEVER have left overs my boys eat it all!

  11. Lauren says

    I know this sounds cheesy – but this blog actually turned me into a grilling girl. I saw the grilled pizza and knew I had to get in on it. I made it for the first time last Saturday and have had it four times since with whatever toppings we had in the fridge. I actually made it for my whole extended family over the holiday weekend and they were quite impressed. Now I need to get some skewers to try out some kebabs…


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