Subscription Feed Migration

Dearest Friends and Readers,

I’m really not sure if Subscription Feed Migration is the right title…but it sounds good, right?!

I know very little when it comes to techy things and the proper titles for these types of events…but I am going to try to migrate my subscription service all by myself.

Soooo…if I blow up the blog, or the email migration, or your inbox, I’m terribly sorry.  Rest assured I will call the bloggy fire department and bloggy bomb squad to restore things to normal as quickly as possible!

I will be moving my email subscription service from the unreliable Feedburner to the super reliable Feedblitz this weekend.  It doesn’t mean anything to you…other than you will be getting a MUCH better email from me in the near future!

But if for some crazy, wacky reason I blow up the internet and the site and you stop getting my emails, PLEASE come back and resubscribe.  I apologize in advance for the inconvenience!

(Really, there should be no issues at all!)

I can’t wait to get started with Feedblitz and to get the new emails branded with the NEW look…yes, a new site design will be up in less than a month!  There are some exciting new things happening behind the scenes…all to benefit YOU!

I’ll be implementing some of the new amazing features in the next few weeks…so be on the lookout for those changes!

Thanks for bearing with me as I try not to blow up improve things around here!




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