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Free Printables from $5 Dinners

We are now offering our free printable planners through the $5 Dinners Store. They are completely free to download!

Because they are free, we won’t be able to offer any customer service assistance for expired downloads because we don’t have the manpower! :)

If your link expires, then you can simply ‘re-order’ it and download it then. Please note that you have 72 hours to download the files. Also, please enter a current email address when checking out, as that is where the files will be delivered.

Grocery Shopping Lists

Write you grocery list right next to your meal plan…and keep track of your estimated and actual spending as well.

Make your shopping list with the printable template divided into the most common product categories.

Menu Planning Templates

Make out a month long plan for your menus based on what you have stocked up in your freezer, pantry and fridge.

Write up your weekly meal plan for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Gluten Free Meal Plan

Print out a calendar with a month’s worth of gluten free recipes and meal ideas, each with “clickable” links  back to the original recipes. Get the accompanying shopping lists for the gluten free monthly meal plan in the same download.

Pantry Staples Ingredients & Recipe Cards

Stock your pantry with the items on this list and you’ll be minutes away from the Pantry Staples Meals. The Recipe Cards for the 10 winning Pantry Staples Recipes come in the download as well.

Gardening Planners and Templates

Square Foot Gardening Planning Worksheet – Includes a 4×4 grid to plan your SFG layout. Enough space to include the plant name, plant date and how many plants per square; plus a notes area

Container Gardening Worksheet – Includes space for large, medium, small and rectangular pots. Enough space to include plant name, plant date and number of plants per pot; plus a notes area.

Simply add to your cart and check out. They really are free!  

Free Printables from $5 Dinners


  1. Lynn says

    This is great! Thanks for the easy access to all of these great tools.
    FYI, the link for the monthly meal planner takes you to the grocery list.

  2. Bridgett says

    Just so you know, your monthly meal planner link is the same template for the grocery shopping list.
    Thanks for these. How funny that I do my weekly list in the same layout already. I guess great minds think a like. :)

  3. Nae says

    Thanks for the printables. Could you add the pantry staples to the list as well? It’s not a planner exactly but it is a helpful resource.

  4. Amie says

    This is awesome – thanks! Can you tell me what “recipe location” means on your Monthly Meal Planner?

  5. Lori says

    OMG, I started using your Meal Plan before I went to the grocery store and I took off $60 from our weekly grocery shopping, I am tickled *pink*

  6. LisaE says

    I printed the grocery shopping and meal planning list this weekend and made my shopping list from the store sale flier, unfortunately, I spent more money than intended because they had a bagged pork sale going on and picked one up, plus a couple other deals too good to pass up. However, I have never “meal planned” before and let my 2 girls help in figuring out what we wanted to eat this week and it sure has given me peace of mind to know exactly what to make each night. I loved having my meal plan and shopping list all in one place….thanks so much for this, it really has helped!

  7. Alexis says

    New to this and trying! Tomorrow will be my first attempt at coupon shopping.

    Your pantry staples list goes to your recipe cards. Is this supposed to be? Or is it supposed to go to an actual list of supplies? :)

  8. Laura says

    I love your site. It is so helpful. I just want to let you know that the pantry staples list is linked to the pantry staples recipes.

  9. says


    I came looking for the pantry staples list (it’s an area I still need to tweak) but that link leads to the printable recipe cards. Just thought you should know.


  10. kim says

    first off what a wonderful site you have here, with soo many great ideas!! and wanted to let you know that the pantry staple list links to the pantry recipe card :( please fix.
    thanks a ton

  11. says

    I know that others have commented, just letting you know that the links are still the same for the recipe cards and pantry list – they both still go to the cards.

  12. Erin Wojcicki says

    I am trying to print the Pantry staples list and every time I click on that, it sends me to the recipe cards instead. My main problem with meal planning is that I never have the ingredients I need and want on hand. Can someone help?! Thanks a ton!

  13. Sarah says

    I love the new look, very nice and friendly! You are awesome to share all this great info!!
    Have a great day and God bless you and your helpers!!!

  14. susan says

    just wondering if you have a ‘never pay more than’ list available to post as well? i have JUST started using these meals and am on a mission! thank you, thank you, thank you! may God bless all your endeavors!!!

  15. Susan says

    Thanks so much for this! With the deployment starting, I’m going from weekly meal plans to monthly, so this will be great!!

  16. Kat says

    Thank you for your great website! I usually come here to print off the grocery/shopping list by category but i can’t find it on your website…has it been removed? Thank you! Kat

  17. Rosanne says

    I LOVE the printable grocery planner for shopping by category. But for some reason, when I click on that link, the other one(for grocery shopping with cost and coupon tracking) comes up. Is anyone else having that same problem?

  18. says

    Erin, I had not looked at your printables until now. OMG, girl, you’ve done all the work for me. I’ll talk to you when I see you next week, but I have a really great idea for something. I want to know your professional opinion on it . . . and these planners will help with it.

    Also, excited to see planners for square foot gardening. Just checked that out at the library. I need to settle down and dive into it.

  19. Mary says

    Thank you so much for the planners, I have seen so many and most of them are just to hard to use and stick with over time. Due to some major life changes I’m going to start using you meal planners but will be shopping from my pantry for a while. I have an over abundance of some food items and a shortage of others and I want to balance it out. God bless you for all that you are doing and for keeping it free.

  20. Becca says

    THANK YOU so much for providing these for free.. there are websites that charge for templates like this. Is there a way to type right onto them and save them, or are they just for printing out?

  21. Becky says

    Hello! Just found your website and man do i LOVE it!!!! I just wanted to let you know that your weekly menu planner says Monthly on it. I can’t wait to print it off! Thanks so much!

  22. Linda says

    the .pdf for the weekly menu is titled MONTHLY menu… Not a big deal, but still it is a thing that would probably be easily fixed.

    We are your proofreaders. I know I have to have my husband proofread ANYTHING I write!

    Thanks for ALL the good stuff you have posted on your website! It is so helpful!


  23. cooker says

    Hi, Thanks so much for this site, I saw you on the view today and looked your site up…it is great, so much info and it is free, you don’t get too oftern anymore.. thanks

  24. judy hayes says

    love all yourr tips.. I keep saying that I can do meal planning but I can only do it so long and then I have to start myself all over again. Any advice would be so helpful.
    Thank you for all you do on your website.

  25. Kelly says

    Can you make these into an iphone app?? LOL! I’d pay for that app! I’m spoiled with my iphone and hate to carry paper now!

  26. says

    When this camp up on my facebook feed I almost cried a little! I have been trying to design one. Last night I got frustrated and thought I will do it tomorrow! And here it is! LOVE!!!!

  27. says

    I just wanted to say thanks. I found your site and really took the time to look through all the useful tools, advice etc. I already planned my entire next week’s shopping trip around recipes I pulled from your site and laid out my next container garden…yeah! So well laid out and really easy to understand and navigate…somehow you even made it FUN:) As a work from home mom I so appreciate you taking the leg work out of what normally would take me hours and hours. You have a NEW BIG FAN! Thanks again……Jenni

  28. says

    A template that would come in Handy would be a School Meal Planner. Most schools have a break, then lunch then a second break then home. I’m trying to teach my friend how to budget her money and only spend a certin amount per child per meal however she keeps buying what the children like and she sends way too much food for the children. When I see what comes back in the childrens lunch pails it’s sad. Then she throws it away, saying she can’t re-use the yoghurt because it’s been at room temperature all day and the crackers will be stale by now even though they were packaged. Her kids turn their noses up at more food then they eat it’s crazy and she accepts it. I think if she saw this and had it written down it would be easier. I tried to make a template but had difficulties yours are excellent I’m hoping you can solve this issue

    please and thank you

    Patricia Wright

  29. Amber says

    Thank you so much for providing these! One small favor to ease my o.c. self, the weekly menu planner says monthly menu planner at the top. Is there a way to fix that? Thank you :-)

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