UPDATED – Strange Message

Dearest Readers,

If you get a strange spammy/antispyware/virus notification type screen while on the site, I APOLOGIZE! I believe I have found the root of the problem and am waiting for a response and fix to the problem. I’m sorry…at the moment it’s beyond my control!

I have learned what the cause was…one of the ads that came through my ad network was infected with a virus. The ad network has removed that ad from the rotations. I will not be putting ads from that network back on the site.

If you accidentally have installed the malware and need assistance removing it, please have them contact networkcare@glam.com directly and they will work directly with you to assist in removal.

I’m TERRIBLY sorry if your computer was affected!!!



  1. Ann says

    Hi Erin….

    I did get one of those last night. Glad it’s not just me!

    I had to go through TaskManager to get out of the browser rather than in anyway click on those things (even cancel). It wouldn’t even let me exit the browser without clicking the box. Glad you’re onto it…..

    Take care!


  2. says

    I got one of those messages from your rss feed. It was very well done, that is, if you weren’t extremely suspicious like me, you might have been tempted to click on it. I went back to the feed and checked out the source code on the link and clicked again. This time it went to the right page.


  3. mitzy says

    I am new to the site too, and got the same thing.. we have anti virus stuff on our comp, so it caught stuff..

    Hope it gets fixed soon!

    I sure do Love this website!!!!!!!!..
    Especially now, that my hubs got a pay cut at work, and Im a stay at home mom.. we need to super budget these days!!!!

  4. says

    I got one in my “Blogs I Follow” box… The title is “Temporary Post for Theme Detection” It appears to give directions to delete it and a bunch of other gobble-dee-gook. I haven’t opened it, and don’t plan to!

  5. Heather F says

    Hi Erin, Oh thank goodness! I was really worried about coming to your site since seeing that!

    This has nothing to do with this post, but I cant wait to get your book! It looks so awesome, and im really eager to learn some great shopping tips!

  6. Laura says

    I received that page, realized it was a virus, but closed it by clicking the “x” in the upper right hand corner. Anyway of knowing if my computer is now infected? Thanks for letting us know the problem is fixed!

  7. Deborah R says

    I missed that one (thank goodness!) but I wanted to say thank you for alerting your readers to the problem and helping them fix it.

    Most folks claim ignorance and/or deny the problem when it happens.

    I admire your sense of responsibility and your comittment to your readers.

  8. nicki says

    Erin ~

    I got it and unfortunately clicked on it and now my computer is not working properly! I have tried uninstalling. I did contact the company you said to, but since I am not able to open my email, is there a number to call? I’m using someone elses computer right now. I can’t believe I did that!!! I will be more careful next time!



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